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  • https://fahmin527.wordpress.com/cal/ Reno Calendar | Fahmi and Yasmin - Use desktop browser for best experience. This is the timeline gathered during our discussions.  Estimated Time line 4-5 weeks See Reno Calender for the timeline Week 1: [6 Oct - 12 Oct] Kitchen cabinet base, fridge base, washer base, toilet curb base. Kitchen cabinet measurement can begin All other tiling works to begin as well.…
  • https://fahmin527.wordpress.com/home-renovation/purchased-items/ Purchased Items | Fahmi and Yasmin - Fridge (LG): Model: GRM492GSH~STS VCM 366 Litres Dimension: Height - to Top of Case: 1725 mm Depth - including door and handle: 715 mm Width: 680 mm Link: http://www.lg.com/sg/refrigerators/lg-GR-M492GSH Washing machine (LG) Model: WD1486ADP3 WHITE Dimension: Width x Depth x Height, 600mm x 550mm x 850mm Link: http://www.lg.com/sg/washing-machines/lg-WD-1486ADP3 Hob (Turbo) Model: T7529SS STS Built-in battery operated ignition system Physical…
  • https://fahmin527.wordpress.com/home-renovation/kitchen-and-service-yard/ Kitchen and Service Yard | Fahmi and Yasmin - Kitchen short side: Cabinet to be flushed to the left wall depth. Cabinet depth will therefore not be of the standard 600mm Done (updated 13 Oct 2014) Wash basin/Sink to be installed using under-mount method For the sink, we will advise on the exact location of the soap dispenser and faucet/tap. Done. (updated 14 Oct 2014)…
  • https://fahmin527.wordpress.com/home-renovation/toilet-mbr/ Toilet MBR | Fahmi and Yasmin -     Shower kerb Shower screen, 90 cm panel width (no doors), 10mm frosted clear tempered glass (updated 13 Oct 2014) Extend water piping for toilet spray
  • https://fahmin527.wordpress.com/home-renovation/toilet-common/ Toilet Common | Fahmi and Yasmin - Important: Do not use the toilet WC in this Common Toilet as it is faulty. We will get HDB to rectify after the renovation works. :) Extend water piping for toilet spray Install Bennington Multipoint Water heater based on manufacturer's guide lines Stop cock/valve must be installed at the inlet It requires a 20A heater switch…
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  • TMarie - Terrible Experience

    I'm pre-menopausal, so I was looking for a product to help reduce my newly acquired belly fat. I've always been very thin until recently. After taking this product for two weeks, I lost no belly fat, but I did develop huge cyst-like bumps on my back and forehead. I also suddenly became very tired, even though I wasn't sleeping soundly. I took the medicine exactly as prescribed. I think this is dangerous medicine and I do not recommend it. I'm 45 and I'm still trying to deal with the cystic acne on my back. I have never had acne until now, even as a teenager. Hopefully, my fatigue and acne will subside soon, but I'm still trying to recover from this horrible experience.

  • Stephen N. Shields - It's a SCAM.

    It's widely advertised as $19.95 but - we discovered - in the fine print they charge you over $300. Getting the return authorization took about 15 minutes, 2 representatives, and a hold. Don't purchase!!!

  • Im a product tester - Smash box full exposure

    I was impressed with this mascara being that I dont like any of smash box makeup.I would buy this again.....................

  • Jay Charley - a very good indoor ball

    Everyone knows this is the 'official' ball of volleyball. It's a great ball to play with, moves true through the air, and it's very 'spinable'. The color pattern is great for setters as well; it's easy to see which way the ball is spinning, and how fast. BUT this is a 'hard' ball, so while the hitters [like me] love it, the non hitters/back row players/women almost unanimously hate this ball, preferring a much softer one. In fact of all the nights/leagues I play in, only one league will use this one, all the others use a softer ball.

  • hailstormer - Overpriced!!

    This product's active ingredient is 25 milligrams of dyphenhydramine (probably incorrectly spelled) My point is It's the same thing as Benedryl, which is available as generic. I paid 5 dollars for 12 tablets of Nyquil zzz. At wal-mart, you can get 100 tablets of the same thing as a generic for 4 dollars. If you want the name brand Benedryl, you can get 100 tabs for about 10 dollars. You do the math!!!!!! It's just a money maker for the company!!!!!

  • Emily - Awesome phone, screen fragile

    This phone is amazing and easily the best smartphone I have owned. The screen is gorgeous, everything is crystal clear on this phone. The camera is also top of the line for smartphones. It's main camera competitor would be the iPhone 7 but it seems that each phone offers a comparable camera. Also the gold is very attractive and the phone has a great aesthetic.