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  • Richard R Vila - Marie Claire magazine good read!

    The Marie Claire was good entertaining and full of good articles. Fashion, beauty and day to day life articles well written.

  • Heather Cox - A little heavier than I would like. But I really like the digital percentage scale ...

    A little heavier than I would like. But I really like the digital percentage scale and also I can charge my phone multiple times on a 100% charge.

  • JWill - AWESOME!

    So happy that I brought this product. It works well, and has very thing that I wanted and needed. It came with extra parts like clips, bike mounts, larger quick mount shoes and a water proof case (not tested). I would write more but the reviews in front of mine will do all the explaining. I am just a buyer and as a buyer I would say home run.

  • Angela - This is a a really nice callus remover and it works perfectly

    This is a a really nice callus remover and it works perfectly. I like that it isn't bulky and it fits in my hand well .You don't need to use a lot of pressure on this just turn it on and glide it across your feet and it does the job for you. It is very powerful and does a nice job and I love the results of how smooth my feet became after use. I received this product to share my honest thoughts and opinions about it.

  • chregr - made me gain weight

    So I have already been eating very healthy eating mostly fruits and vegetables a little meat and whole grains. I exercize a couple times a week and go hiking/running on the weekends for around 3 hours. I bought this thinking it would help a bit with my weight loss. It was horrible! Suddenly I went from 3 pounds lost a week to a standstill with a pound or two gained a week. I thought hey maybe it's just the muscle gain from working out but then I continued to gain untill I decided that was enough and went back to just taking the B12 vitamins. I immediately started losing weight again. What a waste of money!

  • Jo G. - Meets My Needs

    So far, the WORX 2.0 is working great for my particular needs: One is that I have small areas of grass that would make a regular sized mower cumbersome and difficult to manage. Another is that as a senior woman I desired something lightweight. i've found the WORX 2.0 to work for both. Also it is well made and easy to operate. The YouTube video was especially useful for demonstrating how to assemble and operate, easily. Good price too!

  • DennisBarrow - Way too short.

    It is so short, it is very hard to get into. I am 6 ft, I think you need to be about 5 ft for this machine to be usable.