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Country:, Oceania, NZ

City: 175.4402 Waikato, New Zealand

  • MIMom - A Timely and Helpful Reminder

    Simplify. The book showed up on my doorstep as I was surrounded by boxes and junk, packing for our interstate move. Simplify. It sat on our counter amidst the crazy schedule of our last month, the goings and comings, "last" dinners with friends, celebratory meals with coworkers, tearful farewells. Simplify. It travelled with me as I begrudgingly left my children behind and flew to an earthly paradise with my husband who attended conference seminars while I read and explored. Simplify. It lingered on my nightstand through all those first lonely, emotional nights in our new home.

  • Kelly Tauscheck - I would recommend this book to any nursing student studying for the ...

    I would recommend this book to any nursing student studying for the NCLEX. I passed the test in 75 questions in a hour and a half with the help of this book. I bought the book and studied the material for three weeks leading up to the exam and completed every question at the end of the chapters. I felt confident walking into the test that I would pass. Then after I passed I gave the book to a classmate of mine and she passed the NCLEX in 100 questions in two hours. I wouldn't use any other study guide than Kaplan.

  • Patty - Third Watch

    Great. Love her wit, sense of humor and spirit. Even in a short story Robert Dugoni gives you everything you could want in a mystery.

  • Lou Thomas - "Automatic Renewal" Not Clear to Me at Time of Purchase

    I bought this product online and it has performed fairly well. At least, it has not created any problems, and perhaps there has been some speedup.

  • Safety First - Kill'em all!

    I never had cockroaches before so I was not sure how to get rid of them. I looked on the Home Depot page and found this stuff. I read a lot of good reviews here on Amazon, so I figured I would give it a try. I applied some around the fridge, stove and corners of my kitchen. As soon as I put it down, those little b*stards started going to town on it like someone rang a dinner bell. The first day I found two dead roaches, and the second day I found about ten. The third night I seen many more either dead or on their backs twitching. I am taking great enjoyment watching these nasty little bugs suffer. I still have a few babies running around, but I am sure they will meet their maker as.well. all in all, this is a great product!

  • Grace Lim-Hays - Worked effectively to alleviate my cold symptoms so that I ...

    Worked effectively to alleviate my cold symptoms so that I could breathe freely, and almost forgot I had a cold. I experienced no side-effects. So grateful for this product.

  • Barbara Dees - I love this supplement

    I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has a hectic lifestyle. Helps out when you don't have the time to eat healthier.