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  • Maelee Watson - An honest reviewe

    I purchased this Friday and received it today Sunday , on opening the package I noticed the weight quite heavy for a foot. It didn't take long to take my beautifully soft well manicured feet to a rough torn up mess!!

  • Ready Reference - This is a fake. You'll lose money and possibly lashes.

    I should have realized this was a fake when: the cap was a different color than the tube, the logo was different, the tip kept coming out, the color of the primer was cream rather than beige, it was very liquidy, and it didn't seem to work for very long. I just bought another tube from Sephora and it was back to the right stuff, just like the one before I bought this. There is also a possibility that I developed infected eye lashes from this product as they were very itchy and falling out a week or so after I started using this. If you notice any of the attributes I described - beware. This was purchased from Sanchez Bargains. When you buy the real product, it works very well at holding your shadow and liner. The real prodduct is also good for brow fill-in applications too.

  • James Rouse - A M A Z I N G!!!

    I was so tired of anti virus software taking up such huge memory and slowing my computer down while it ran in the background. I tried Webroot and the difference was Amazing. Small foot print in the back ground, caught all of the threats some of my other software missed, and I have not had any problems. I installed on my sons computer and you would not believe all of the threats it cleared, where avast would just deactivate threats, Webroot removed, and without all of the annoying pop ups. Best buy is multi-computer license, otherwise it is a little price for just one license. $79 for 15 months over 5 computers includes cell phones as well.

  • Francisco L. - Great product did it job in cold trip to Europe

    Great product did it job in cold trip to Europe. Walk about 5 mile a day no problems. Only issue feet were wet from sweat at end of night but warm

  • David Fox - Update of Apolyon Rising, but has new material

    This is basically an update of Apolyon rising 2012. If you have read that, then I don't think the extra information is worth the read. If you have not read Apolyon , then this is a must read. Horn is very well versed on mythology and the plans of the elite. If you are a courageous person with an open mind, then please read either this or Appolyon rising.

  • Alastair Murdoch - Buyer beware

    They SAY it's three wolves, but how do we know it's not the same wolf from three different angles? We cannot assume they'd be above airbrushing or the use of creative lighting just to save on wolves...

  • Ghordiej - WeatherTech Vehicle Custom Floor Liners

    The floor liners fit almost perfect in my new GMC Acadia Denali. My only nit-pick is that the liner ever so slightly covered the "Denali" logo on the door sills. Nothing some snips won't remedy.