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  • wasabi woman - A very helpful way to get organized!

    This learning system is an excellent method to organize and learn pharmacology. The memorization is on your own, of course, but the time one saves as far as organization keeps you ahead of the game!

  • William G. Straub - GOOD JOB, Mr. Klein

    Ed Stein has done another wonderful job of researching his "heroine" for this book. But, there really wasn't much that I learned about the lying, cheating, hateful woman, Hillary Clinton. And I am certain that most Democrats will ignore the facts, as usual and we possibly will end up with a mean spirited, filthy mouthed,lying, nasty person as our first woman POTUS. And I am sure I will get all sorts of nasty comments for this review. It is a real shame that the first woman POTUS has to have some of the most sickening character traits of any human being in government. But, it seems that's the way we roll in this country at this point in time. SHAMEFUL.

  • Marcela - Very good

    People friendly and easy to use - it change a little from the prier version - easy to transfer information to Excel