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  • Letras das Marchinhas 2014 | FundArt - O Festival de Marchinhas de 2014 foi marcado pelo sucesso. Aqui você confere as letras das músicas que embalaram esta grande festa!

    Country:, South America, BR

    City: -43.2192 , Brazil

  • Amazon Customer - I have recieved the chase costume already, i never ...

    I have recieved the chase costume already, i never write reviews but decided i would for this, so maybe it will be helpful to someone about size. My 3 yr old will be 4 in Dec, hes lil over 3 ft and 39 lbs.

  • Wil Pharaoh - Disappointed after only a few uses

    This product just did not hold up. I used it maybe 3-4 times. It seems that the box that holds the batteries just do not work. I tested the batteries and they are fine. I put them in the box and nothing will charge and they will not charge from the solar panel. They do charge in my other charger so I can reasonable assume it is the box and not the panels or batteries.

  • Dakota2265 - A True Giant!

    My nieces are going to think I am the best aunt in the world when she sees my unicorn. I cannot believe how huge it is. Even though I saw the measurements, it just looks so much bigger and better. I used my electric air pump to inflate all four chambers. It is made of a strong vinyl. I love that the unicorn comes with a patch kit. I am hoping to not need it but it is nice to know it is available just in case I may need it. This float is big enough to fit two adults on it with no problem. Kids can use it more like a boat also. My nieces will be here next week and we are going to have a blast. I can’t wait for them to see my new “pet”. Disclaimer: I received this at a discount in exchange for my honest review. My experience was not influenced by that discount in any way.