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  • Builtmany - Failed to last

    Failed in 6 weeks. I used this product to seal white ceramic tile to a white acrylic tub and it's literally falling apart in 5-6 weeks. Everything was brand new and my bead was small at about 1/8" so 24 hours should have been ample drying time. Now this caulk is costing me hundreds by getting a callback to remove it and install a different brand that lasts.


    I buy children's books from Amazon so the 6 year old next door can use my Kindle. This will be absolutely great for her because her dad IS a superhero-- he's a Sgt in the United States Army serving at Ft. Campbell.

  • TheVestal - A must have. This helped my daughter with reflux ...

    A must have. This helped my daughter with reflux, gas, regulatory, and spit up! I use it for her every day!

  • Shoppah617 - What was I thinking!!!!! Messy

    I must have had a stroke or been drunk or something because normally I'm not a vanity case, but I saw this on youtube and thought it might help hide my thinning crown. Instead, it was a BIG HOT MESS! This stuff got all over the place (floating aloft)and did not stick to the scalp well. Also, It would be a chore to use this on a daily basis. There is no way to cover up a bald spot unless it is done surgically. I was not satisfied with this product at all, I will own my thinning crown from now on.

  • jean c piccard - justice Redeemed

    This novel was written in much the same style as John Grisham. I enjoyed it very much and look forward to reading more by this author. The characters were well defined and the plot was fast paced. I would recommend this book to all.

  • Terry Knotts - since these two are some of the most recommended, though it comes with a higher price compared ...

    For my choline needs, i usually want to aim for centrophenoxine or alpha-gpc, since these two are some of the most recommended, though it comes with a higher price compared to typical cholines sources. i was pricing around these cholines to restock my supply, when i saw an offer to try this brand for the first time at a reduced price just as long as i left an unbiased review, so i ended up getting a bottle. from what i have seen from reading up on alpha-gpc it is recommended to do about 500mg daily, in checking the label theres 325mg per cap, so i sometimes take one and on the other days i will take 2, 1 in the morning and 1 in eveningtime. you already know that this helps many other supplements get assimilated better, plus all the nootropic uses on its own, and why you take it, so compare this one against others, as this one has a total of right under 20 grams, so it is about $1.50ish a gram. i found it to be as effective as other good brands of alpha-gpc out there. i got almost two months from the bottle. read up on choline sources and why this one is considered amongst the top 3.