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  • Little Jeri Seinfeld - Lifesaver!

    I developed mild acne after deciding to go off of my regular birth control pill. Never having acne before, this was devistating. I watched all the infomercials and decided to go with Murad's Acne Complex Kit expecting the glowing, perfect skin that they promised within a few short weeks. I purchased the starter kit and I liked the smell of the products but after a month and a half, I was still experiencing bad breakouts. I even had the really painful acne that are so deep it takes weeks for them to come to the surface! I continued to use the second shipment of Murad because everything I read said that the purging cycle could take 4 or more weeks. I spent 3 months and over $60 on this stuff without results. Silly me, I was going to order more but I started reading reviews for my only alternative, Proactiv. Now that stuff isn't any cheaper in the long run but someone else mentioned Acne Free in their review and I figured that it was worth a try. I found it at my local Walreens for $19. Let me tell you, I used Acne Free for 2, TWO, days and saw results that I had not seen in 3 months of using the expensive stuff. I can't say enough about it. I'm thrilled that something so easy to get would work so much better than any hyped up product. Goes to show, don't buy from T.V.

  • Aleah - Miracle!

    This stuff is amazing. I have a lot of trouble with my monthly cycles and this alleviates some of my problems tremendously!

  • Richard D Colbert - Confusing!

    I am a geek and can use almost any software with ease....Not Streets and Trips 2013. It is ridiculously confusing to use, slow to load, slower to route and generally not user friendly at all. On a side note the GPS receiver seems to work great.

  • JAMES JOHNSON - All American bull... 10 minutes after I ...

    All American bull ... 10 minutes after I paid $150.00..... I'm talking to 'India where a woman took control to fix it so they could install it I told her I wasn't going to pay anymore than I already had to get PCMATIC 1 hour later I'm begging her to release control of my computer she HAD TO HAVE another 150.00 to fix it I finally started X' ing out everything and unpluged my computer

  • christy - What I was expecting. But after 10 min I ...

    What I was expecting . But after 10 min I was finished watching I continued to watch just because I couldn't believe a group so strong went down without a fight .

  • KTM Kim - When Turbotax dropped the ball, I got this for my mac.

    Worked for me when Turbotax failed this year for macintosh users. So glad I got this for under a dollar! I don't know if I can use it next year too though. Hope I can cause thats what I read, that HR block doesn't require you to purchase every year.