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Country:, North America, US

City: -87.6503 Illinois, United States

  • Misty M. - Love love love

    Absolutely love this stuff. It smells amazing it's thick, but doesn't leave your hair greasy at all. Leaves it feeling protected if that makes sense. lol I also use it on my three little girls. I'm a super fan and will be buying in bulk.

  • jspr - Thanks!

    The product came in perfect condition, and shipped pretty well. The book itself had some good insight too, especially for math. Overall, a good buy!

  • Ladysuki1289 - Works Pretty Well

    Since I take a Women's Multivitamin, I have to be very careful about the ingredients that are in my Hair, Skin, and Nails supplements. The last time I took the two together, I would have frequent headaches and feel really sick, so this time I paid lots of attention and made a choice of which vitamin to take based on the amount of each mineral that was in the pill.

  • Miriam_a rearranged life - Love it!

    I've had it 2 months and couldn't love it more. My old mandolin was oxo and it broke after a year. I love the fruit/veg gripper much better too!

  • Maximus1079 - ... tub take it from me this stuff is not good. Trust me it make your hair dry to ...

    I has been trying so many different shampoos and this was is still not working it has been a month and I see no change in my hair if any thing I see more hair in my tub take it from me this stuff is not good. Trust me it make your hair dry to best thing is try some thing better.