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  • Advantage Multi for Dogs & Cats Online $28.95 3pk - Get Discount Advantage Multi / Advocate for Dogs and Cats Online $28.95 / 3pk & Pet Meds for Dogs and Cats. Flat shipping $3.99/order worldwide

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  • Just a Customer - Radically different than other books

    I would give it a 4.5, but that's not an option with this rating system. This book has a lot of in-your-face advice that is contrary to usual self-help drivel and makes a lot of sense. It is the wake up call that many people in troubled long-term relationship or marriage need. It's not soothing, comfortable, or feel good, just honest with lots of practical tips and techniques. If you've been wondering what you're doing wrong in your relationship and can't figure it out, you should know when you finish reading this book.

  • wrwaters2006 - Love it!!!

    I have used this product for some time now. I started using it back in the states and when we moved to Germany, I had to start using a little more than normal bc the German water is extremely hard which makes my hair very dry and brittle. By using a little more of the oil in my daily hair routine, my hair is back to being soft and silky!

  • Philmco - The worst antivirus I've ever tried

    I bought this for our laptops (one with windows 7 and XP, (mine) I've never had problems before this download and I sure had them with Bitdefender. When coming out of standby my laptop would lock up tight and only when I forced a shutdown and reboot did it recover. The user control panel for BD always told me I had 2 issues that needed fixing, always the same 2..."Update now" and "Scan now" which I would do but there they were again reminding me that I needed to do it again and again. The software slowed my laptop waaaaaaaaay down, I couldn't retrieve emails. After 3 straight days of this I had enough and dumped it, went back to AVG and I have my old Dell XP laptop back again

  • MTB fan - With a great deal of effort

    Although I didn't buy it here, I have one. It fails to work well for the problems others have listed and for some other reasons:

  • dremin - love it!

    i love the professor teaches series. it is so user friendly. i was excited to see the professor teaches offie 2010 & windows 7 being offered on amazon vine.

  • animosity - Made up for a bad experience

    We got a Next brand bike from Walmart for my son last spring. 12 inch. He was three and a half and struggled to pedal a full rotation all summer. We thought he just wasn't ready and kept encouraging him. Flash forward to this spring. We get out the bikes and still he couldn't ride the bike with the same problem. He was so frustrated and gave up. I tried to show him with my hands on the pedals and I could not turn the pedals either they stuck at the top and then went backwards into braking. We went back to our Walmart and ALL the 12 inch bikes did the same thing. The associate told us to loosen the pedals. We did so but to get them to move they were dangerously loose and then adjusting the seat for his new height the bolt broke to reveal that the seat would not have raised even an inch. So we looked a long time and decided to buy this one. We had to be careful because the first bike really set our son back confidence wise. This bike is awesome. Went together easily and is high quality. He is riding like the wind and grinning ear to ear. Spend the extra money on this one. It is a cool blue and white and he loves it and rides everyday.