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  • Jview - Be aware if you're senstive to scents

    This product moisturizes as promised, the issue I have is, I used it once and my nostrils became extremely irritated. I'm very sensitive to fragrances and the scent of this is way too strong and overpowering for me. I normally check to see that the bottle says unscented but I was rushing on my way out the store and I usually find that drug store lotions that focus on dry skin are unscented. I'm disappointed to say the least, I don't know why adding scent is necessary unless a person is specially looking for a perfumed lotion.

  • Ed SCSC - Fantastic Wrangler

    My story sounds like another poster! I retired in 2014 with a 2005 Liberty (a great vehicle, 92000 miles, that I still will keep and still enjoy driving). All my life I wanted a Jeep (Liberty is great but not a "Jeep" like I envisioned). Got my Wrangler unlimited sport 6 weeks ago. It's a hard top with Bluetooth package and Sirius radio and speckled Granite color. (Wish I had gotten a built in Garmin). I've added my Garmin nuvi dash cam, brush guard, 700 or so lumen backup lights , KC off road lights, grab bars, sill covers, and lots of dreams.. I have custom seat covers ordered (probably another 2 week wait!). I wish I had bought better off road/icy road tires (but they are on my wish list). Yet to take off top but that's coming. A garage is in my future when I figure logistics of back yard. The Jeep "club" is something else. Driving along I see many Jeep Wrangles, Rubicons, etc. and most everyone "waves". We share something everything else is missing. "Driving a Jeep"! I should have joined years ago. One issue is: My wife calls her "Jezebel" since I spend lots of time and money on "her". My wife agrees, however, she's the best vehicle we ever ridden in and she insists I drive everywhere.

  • Ker4You - Marmot quality in terms of rain gear.

    Marmot quality in terms of rain gear. The only thing that surprised having had an earlier (and more expensive) version of the jacket is that the material is thin and makes more noise as you move/wear it- not as "soft"