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  • Ben P. - A good way to get your daily ganoderma

    If you are looking for a decent way to consume your ganoderma daily and you drink coffee, this is the right product. I mix a little flavored creamer in and it goes down fine. It is a bit strong to drink plain, but not wholly unpalatable. With free shipping, Amazon's price on this product is the least expensive online.

  • Tuan Vu - Anyone interested in the rest of my bottle?

    Took it consistently for a month then ran out. Didn't lose a single damn pound. Didn't lose any stress. Nothing. Nada. Luckily it was cheap. Another gimmick that didn't work.

  • E. Scoles - Good results

    This is a pretty effective workout regime. My wife & I have been doing it together, and even without slavishly following the schedule (we never do the "double friday") we've seen great results. This is not likely to get you ripped, but if you follow it reasonably conscientiously, it will likely reshape your body and improve your strength and stability. It's not making us look like greek gods/goddesses, but it's making us feel stronger.

  • Sarah W. Holiday - Constant Guesswork on Cooking Times

    I'm anxious every time I use this because the information they provide is woefully inadequate so I am never sure about cooking times. What about baking convenience foods? What about cooking my EXISTING recipes -- not theirs? What about baking other products, from frozen croissants to pot pies? No information. It's very frustrating so I'm left to guess. Also, their own cookbook is inaccurate; I cooked "hardboiled eggs" exactly per their recipe book, and the next morning I went to peel one and it was half raw inside. By the time I tried to recook the eggs, they are a mess, and I ended up throwing out a dozen eggs. I think the product may be OK, but I shouldn't have to worry and guess every time I want to heat something in this oven. I worry about all the cracked dome reports. I've only had this for month or so, so I am concerned. It's too bad. I think they have a decent product here but someone is not paying attention to educating consumers with the materials they send with the oven and I hate reading that they know about cracking domes and aren't fixing them.

  • R. Peters - It feels like the larger units used by physical therapists

    It is a more sophisticated tool than I would have suspected, especially for the price. It feels like the larger units used by physical therapists. I suspect it may help relieve muscle pain, and it was recommended to me by a woman who said it helped her. However, I have spinal stenosis and sciatica and I can't say that it is helping my specific problem. But it is not a toy, and I wasn't necessarily convinced it would be the answer to my problem, because I'm headed toward having back surgery.

  • Eric & Margaret Roby - We have found this program MUCH easier than the Print Artist Platinum 24 we purchased earlier.

    We had previously used an earlier version of Hallmark & decided to have a change. However the Print Artist would not print a 4 fold card. We did not find it easy to use at all. We even had a friend come & try to help us but we all gave up!!

  • anamac - Freekin AMAZING!!!

    This was the very first book of Jaymin Eve's that I ever read and I have to say that she is now one of my top 5 most loved authors! I love the strength of the main female character, the underlying sexual tension in the main character relationships, the humour and the beautiful way that Jaymin Eve weaves these alternate worlds, but makes them believable. It always leaves me wanting more and with a craving to know more about each of the characters. Jesse and the Quads, be still my heart <3