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  • Ruth R. - The come out scratch from the car wash. Not ...

    The come out scratch from the car wash. Not to please with the quality. The original Toyota wheel covers don't get scratches

  • Gretchen S. - Best floss!

    I'm a dental hygienist and this is by far the best floss I've ever used. I used to swear by Glide, which is a great floss, but now am a total convert. This floss provides "grip" when you slide it up and down against the tooth, instead of merely slipping around. I ran out of Cocofloss (back to buy more) and have been using the Glide from work but it's not the same. I just don't feel like traditional floss is doing anything for me. The taste is mild and pleasant (I love the coconut the best because it smells like vacation).

  • Sara Srebnik - Great deal!

    If you are heading to Vegas, this book is a must have! We went and used the books to get all kinds of freebies and discounts. It's better the first turn you go as some places you need to be a first time sign up for the card. But you will make your money back on this book in a few casinos.

  • Shelly - Overall good product

    This bathmat is very well made. You can tell just by picking it up and how heavy it is that it is not cheap made. But I can't get mine to suction to the bottom of my shower for some reason? There are a bunch of tiny suction cups on the bottom of the mat but they dont fully suction the way I had pictured them doing. It doesn't slide around at all though so I'm not too worried about it. It is pretty comfortable to stand on too which is nice! Definitely can't complain about that. The only real complaint I have is that it isn't very stain resistant. When I was placing it in my shower my 1year old came and stepped all over it with her dirty little feet and I can't for the life of me get that dirt to come off. So my advice to anyone whi purchases this, make sure you dont get it dirty at all or it will stay looking that way.

  • Lisa Paige - ... Grand Daughter played this at a friends house and loved it! Can't wait to give to her for ...

    My Grand Daughter played this at a friends house and loved it! Can't wait to give to her for Christmas.

  • reggie - Best Decision This Year

    The Earthing Book content is so amazing and it is true. After reading about Earthing we purchase the product and have been sleeping like Babies and feeling the effects of being grounded. We are sleeping better, waking up feeling alert not groggy and have a general sense of well being. My husband feels his arthritis pain is less, but overall we just feel better. The sheets are soft and comfortable,easy to launder, the grounding device easy to install. We have purchased a unit for a family member and have had a friend tell us that she and her husband are also Earthing now.