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Country:, Europe, NL

City: 4.8995 , Netherlands

  • Leah - Small and outdated

    i didn't like how small the book was and how they compacted many picture per page. I'd much rather have one pic per page so my baby can focus on that one thing. also, there pics like an old radio and telephone that my kid will probably never see in person.

  • Shelley McDonald - Explains how to approach the test

    This is a great resource, touching on all the information you need to review before you sit for the MCAT. The material goes way beyond what is available in the book. Using your book's serial number gives you access to so many study opportunities online. There are practice tests that are representative of what you'll encounter on the MCAT, practice quizzes and many video tutorials to refresh what you learned in school . Online, you can even set up your own study guide/syllabus to fit your needs.

  • Book Junkie - Appealing, Freeing and Thought-provoking

    As an inquisitive kid in Sunday school, I'd asked if the burning bush with whom Moses spoke was the Father or Holy Spirit (I figured it couldn't be Jesus as He hadn't yet been born). A stammering teacher told me there are mysteries about God we won't know this side of heaven. So I chuckled at Fr. Rohr's story in The Divine Dance of having his 3rd grade teacher simply hold up a shamrock to explain the Trinity. Affirming that God declared His creation "good" in the introduction, Fr. Rohr proceeds to challenge long-held views while resurrecting ancient images of early Church leaders portraying God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit engaged in a dance. What is so very appealing, freeing, and thought-provoking, is the concept that I am invited to dance just as I am. Right on!

  • V.V.V - Great Energy

    Just started taking this and I like it so far. Gives me energy without the shakes that last throughout the day. I have very bad reactions with anything that has caffeine in it so this is a great alternative for energy that does not give me that negative reaction. I read the other reviews and saw that several had headaches, but this was not so for me. I suffer from environmentally induced migraines and honestly have not had one since I started taking this product. Not sure if it is the product, or if I just have not been exposed to anything that would cause an episode, but either way I am happy.

  • Doc Ball - Excellent knife!

    I use every feature of this daily for preflighting our Blackhawks, quick and handy tool for any flight medics. This is a great daily carry knife for anyone.