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  • yogagirl13 - Lock offs need to be replaced

    The first seat that arrived was broken (the button that adjusts the headrest). The replacement seemed perfect till I attempted to install it using the lock offs. I had no issue closing the lock offs but when I jiggled the seat back and forth they would pop open. This happened every time, and with not much force at all. The belt was perfectly flat and under all 4 little tabs as instructed. I wrote Clek and they are sending me replacement lock offs. I have a locking seatbelt system so according to the manual I do not need to use the lock offs, but the officer who installed my prior seat said its always safe to do so. I like the seat but feel like this is a bit of a hassle.

  • Phylicia Scott - Be warned--this stuff smells worse than poop!

    Guys, all jokes aside, this stuff smells WAYYYYY too strong.It overpowers a small office space/apartment. I honestly don't use this anymore for that reason alone. It is sickeningly sweet, and the powerful odor ruins the purpose of trying to be discreet as everyone will wonder who the hell sprayed that. The smell lingers for HOURS too. OMG I cannot stress of potent this spray odor is. I tried spraying two spritzes instead of the recommended 3-5 and that helps but still really disappointing. I bought into all the hype and lost.