Hawthorn Berry Syrup SRC (hawthorne) - Natural Heart Health - SRC Hawthorn Berry Syrup (an ancient European heart tonic) is hand-made from naturally grown berries and more potent than capsules. Order some today!

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  • Indigestion is most often caused by too little acid! - Indigestion is most often caused by too little acid!

    Hard to believe, but true - at least in my particular case and, in the authors' opinion, about 90% presenting with indigestion.

  • ThereMightBeGiants - I am in love 😍

    This lets me produce gorgeous bouncy, smooth hair from very thick, coarse, wavy/frizzy long hair. There is a learning curve - the machine must be the right way around and hair must be tangle free. If you have layers, twist the sections with different length layers before inserting the hair into the groove, and then untwist it once the hair is deep in the groove - this prevents tangling and warning beeps. If you try to insert too much hair at once, it won't wind up. MOST IMPORTANT: If the warning beeps sound, STOP at once and completely release the hair. If you just release the pressure on the handle and then repress it without releasing the hair, it will roll up further and get horribly snarled in the chamber. If this does happens - turn off the heat at once before starting the get the hair out - it may take a while and you want to do everything to reduce your hair burning. Once you master the technique, it works perfectly. Every time. I have very thick, coarse, long wavy hair and masses of hairs - about 6 times as many as a normal person, my hairdresser says. Think 1.5 inch diameter ponytail. It takes me 50 minutes to straighten my hair to an acceptable level with irons or three batches of Big Curl hot rollers to curl it (and then the ends don't curl because there is too much hair). Too. Much. Hair. I had given up. Then I found this! LOVE Curl Secret because it doesn't have just 12 rollers, or let me try to curl too much hair at once. It makes sure that only a reasonable amount of hair is being curled at a time, so every curl is prefect, and I can just keep going until all my hair is curled. No more waiting for rollers to cool in my hair before reheating them for the next batch. And no more failed curling attempts with a heated tong, because I got impatient and started trying to curl way too much hair at once just to get it finished. It takes me about 50 minutes to curl all of my hair, but I do it in batches. I take a break whenever I want/need to. I use the lowest setting, let it cool completely and then brush it well with a brush and I am left with gorgeous loose, bouncy SMOOTH big waves. Very Hollywood old style. It lasts until my next head wash (3-4 days). If i just brush the top and finger brush the rest, my hair stays in more ringlet type curls which I don't prefer but which suit my daughter well. I really really love it. I took one star off because it is not easy to get the hang of - it takes some persistence to get the technique right and I did have two serious hair-stuck-in-the-machine-and-burning snarls before I worked out how to avoid this. If I had less hair, the sections of hair I cut away would probably be upsetting! As it is, you'd never notice it in my hair so no worries there for me. I am converted! If you have unruly, wild hair - give this a try and watch it tame your hair into beautiful bouncy waves.

  • Vinny Amato IV - Good flavor and good weight loss jumpstart.

    Pretty much just fruit juice to give you some nutrition during fasting. I ended up losing 6 Lbs. over the 2 days, however, 3 came back so 50% stuck and I am going to use the 2nd bottle to see if I can get 6 "REAL" Lbs. lost over 4 days. It's a good jumpstart but you have to do the work to intake less or burn more to ensure you are running at a calorie deficit on-going to keep the weight loss going.

  • lmk66 - it did a good job at straightening my curls

    I received this product on 11/14 and it stopped working already. I was only able to use it a handful of times and it won't even turn on already. When it did work, it did a good job at straightening my curls, but it didn't leave me with the smooth finish I was hoping for based on ad. That being said, it still was nice to have the curl brush option. Now I have to figure out if and how I can get a refund for this defective product (which I bought with birthday money given to me) . Oh, and I paid 49.99 for it to boot, and I now I see it listed for less. Very disappointed. Buyer beware.

  • Just some random guy - Better than a glossy German fashion magazine from the 1980s

    I think the review by Tim Bell (http://www.amazon.com/review/R1DBEVFGO3A4F7/ref=cm_cr_rdp_perm?ie=UTF8&ASIN=1922168963&linkCode=&nodeID=&tag=) is unfair. My wife is from the Soviet Union, and she says this book is vastly superior to the German fashion magazine Burda that first appeared in the Soviet Union (in Russian) in 1987, during the height of toilet paper shortages. Glossy pages must be prepared at length before use, by first crinkling, and then rubbing the sheets of the paper against the sharp edge of a desk or table to soften them (a lengthy process), and even then, they are thoroughly non-absorbent and really not up to the job. Cory Bernardi's book, on the other hand, is printed on softer, more absorbent paper, so prep time is much shorter.

  • Amazon Customer - It's worth the cost and the effort.

    I have been using it for a year now, and it seems to help. At the very least it has changed the color of the fungus from an ugly dark color to something closer to a white color .. which is a big improvement. Additionally, it has stopped the fungus from spreading. Which is great. But will it make it finally go away? I don't know. One thing I have discovered: when I first used it I mainly put it under my toe nail (using a small tool or just lifting the nail a bit) .. but I didn't make an effort to spread it on top of my nail. Now I think it is important to do that. I use my finger tip to spread it and rub it in a bit. (And then wash my hands carefully.) I believe I am getting better results with this method.