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  • Aeson - my red wine keeps pretty well under vacuum for about a week

    I've had this vacuum pump for several years, and the pump and stoppers still work well being used about once a week. It definitely makes wine keep much longer than it would without the vacuum. In a refrigerator that's in the 34-40 degree range, my red wine keeps pretty well under vacuum for about a week. I've kept wine for two weeks, and it is not as good, but drinkable.

  • MR.Spazzington - Records clear audio great for spying AND recording lectures in class!

    Upon opening the package everything was in order, everything was included. Reading the reviews before purchasing rendered me a bit iffy because a lot of them say to be very still while recording but that can look SUPER obvious, I don't need to spy on anyone but I used it to record my class session, I asked my professor if it was okay to record the lecture and he said fine! I was sitting in a big lecture hall, about in the middle, over 200 students in the class, and I was able to hear the recording perfectly, I was writing notes with the pen so the speaker was always up and on the right side. The USB cable connected to my laptop and I got the sound file easily using Windows 10. Haven't used the video feature to record anything yet but I toyed with it and it's pretty clear, but like I mentioned earlier best to be still with it, being a pen it will shake a lot!