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  • Health Mobius, Simple Retail as a service for health, fitness and medical professionals - Health Mobius LLC is a software and Internet application developer specializing in healthcare. With our all-inclusive Webstore service, Health Mobius provides companies with a turn-key online store, a wide array of health-related products, and complete management & processing services for DME dealers, physicians, home healthcare entities, health facilities, pharmacies
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  • Prescious - CAN'T BELIEVE IT! This Must be a Joke

    Just got this yesterday because I originally bought it because I was having knee pain and I heard Serrapeptase is good for pain. But just got it yesterday, took only one capsule and within 20 minutes my pain was gone all day. This can't be true. Something is wrong here and I only took one capsule decided that I was going to start out with one capsule a day. And the one capsule I took yesterday, took my knee pain away ALL DAY LONG. This is either amazing or some kind of joke. I will continue to take one capsule a day to conclude whether this is amazing or some kind of joke

  • CALEX - Norton Product

    I give 5 stars because the Norton product is great. I'm only reviewing to give a correct answer in case anyone has my same question. I wanted to make sure that this product could be used on Kindle Fire, Nook, and android phones. I was told yes. I was not able to download to those devices. Instead, I had to download apps to these devices. I would have still bought this product because of the great price for 5 licenses since I do intend to buy another computer. Just wanted to let others know that Norton won't recognize those devices and there are free Norton apps and other free service apps out there. Hope this fully answers questions others may have.

  • Morris Bacon - Handy knife for home projects

    Could be used for camping, however, I found this knife handy to keep in my pocket while working around the house. Blade is sharp and large enough to handle small jobs. It is somewhat large to carry in your pocket, but I have found clipping any knife on your belt results in lost knives.

  • BigDaddy - Perfect PC protection for an excellent price when compared to ...

    Perfect PC protection for an excellent price when compared to purchasing at brick and mortar / big box retail stores.

  • Storyoftheeye - kills roaches and maybe mice?

    This was a really fun and effective product. When I first got this i wrote my name in the corner by my trash can D-A-N-I, the next dat all I had was D-A and then that dissapeared and i drew a smiley, then a heart, then my fiances name.. i drew a little something every night before turning the lights out and in the morning a lot of it would be gone. after the first week i didnt see anymore roaches but but noticed the pictures and things i drew were still disappearing. One night i walked into the kitchen later than usual and when i turned on the lights i saw some mice. i thought that sucked but w/e but then they kept coming back out while i was still sitting there with the lights on. i screamed and they ran away a few times but kept coming back and it turned out they were coming back for the gel and i watched a couple of them eat it. The next day my fiance got some sticky traps and we put the roach gel on the traps, but they remain untouched and i havent seen mice since that day when there were lots of them. now idk what to think, maybe they died after discovering the gel??

  • N. Leicht-Crist - Love it

    Comfortable seat that is super easy to install in the car. I'd buy it again in a heartbeat, just too bad they didn't have the red one. That would've been my color compared to the brown that I had to go with. But still great seat and well worth the money.