Enrofloxacin, Kitasamycin - Hinapharm Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.Foshan - Hanapharm Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of medicated and nutrition feed additives. The advantage of our company is our post-treating technique. We are good at making additives into micro-encapsulation, coating and granules.

  • http://hinapharm.en.ecplaza.net/hinaful-kitasamycin-premix-10---122187-490731.html Hinaful -Kitasamycin Premix 10% - Hinapharm Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.Foshan - Brand Name: HInafull -Aqueous enteric acrylic acid resin coated pellet, -10% kitasamycin premix -Yellow or canary pellet of mesh size 30-60 1. Improving the feed conversion ratio (FCR) and promoting growth. 2. Preventing swine from mycoplasmal pneumonia、bacterial pneumonia、atrophic ...
  • http://hinapharm.en.ecplaza.net/hinakita-kitasamycin-premix-new-50--122187-490736.html Hinakita -Kitasamycin Premix (New) 50% - Hinapharm Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.Foshan - Brand Name: New Hinakita —Slow releasing micro-encapsulated aqueous enteric kitasamycin pharmaceutics ---50% kitasamycin premix ---Light yellowish granular particle ⊕Using the most up-to-date technology to make the encapsulated Kitasamycin. ⊕Long drug retention time in G.I. track ...
  • http://hinapharm.en.ecplaza.net/hinalin-lincomycin-hcl-premix-11--122187-517451.html Hinalin -Lincomycin HCL Premix 11% - Hinapharm Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.Foshan - Brand Name: Hinalin Main ingredient: 11% Lincomycin hydrochloride Premix Physical characteristics: cream or brown powder. ⊙Increases weight gain. ⊙Improves feed conversion. ⊙controls and treats of necrotic enteritis. ⊙Improves FCR. ⊙Drys the wet dropping of poultry
  • http://hinapharm.en.ecplaza.net/hinaneo-neomycin-sulfate-premix-15--122187-517456.html Hinaneo -Neomycin sulfate premix 15.4% - Hinapharm Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.Foshan - Brand Name: Hinaneo Main ingredient:15.40% neomycin sulfate Physical characteristics yellow to brown powder ⊙ Improving FCR and ADG. ⊙ Preventing and treating the enteritis, the yellow or white dysentery, water-like feces that caused by E. coli and Salmonella among livestock and ...
  • http://hinapharm.en.ecplaza.net/hinacol-colistin-sulfate-premix-10--122187-517461.html Hinacol -Colistin Sulfate Premix 10% - Hinapharm Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.Foshan - Brand Name: Hinacol Main ingredient: Colistin Sulfate 10% Physical characteristics: White similar to white granular particle. ⊙ Improving FCR and ADG. ⊙ Preventing and treating the enteritis caused by Gram-negative( E.coli and Salmonella etc.) among livestock and poultry. ⊙ ...

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  • fmgewok - Bit of a process, but LOVE the color!

    I had dyed my hair a VERY dark brown for a little over a year, so I was nervous to try the Splat hair color kit because bleaching dark hair could go very badly...

  • BJacoby - More for your money

    My husband ordered these for me and thought he was ordering one cover. We were very pleasantly surprised that there were four in the box. Do I care that they do not have the Toyota logo? Not at this price! And they fit perfectly.

  • RepresentTexas - Don't buy for pc.

    No competitive matches or core marches since launch..i days now and no word from developer to fix. Save your money on pc buy any other game but this.

  • John D - Great value

    Visio has a lot of features and buying the previous version gives you all the horsepower at trailing edge prices.

  • Jeff J - Great case! I have used these on I phone ...

    Great case! I have used these on I phone 5, 6 , and 6 Plus. They are the go to case when a family member gets a new phone. (I also have one on my Note 4) This clear one I bought was for my daughters I phone 6 plus. She loves the clear and it looks really good.

  • Leah Nickell - This is nothing but a nasty flavored drink mix

    Thought I would try this after several recommendations. Absolutely a waste of money and man does this taste disgusting! Save yourself and don't order it.