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  • https://hollywoodhealthandsociety.org/about-us/overview About Us | Hollywood Health & Society - Hollywood, Health & Society (HH&S) is a program at the USC Annenberg Norman Lear Center that provides entertainment industry professionals with accurate and timely information for health storylines.
  • https://hollywoodhealthandsociety.org/about-us/shows-weve-worked Shows We've Worked With | Hollywood Health & Society -   ABC: All My Children, Black Box, Body of Proof, Boston Legal, Brothers and Sisters, Castle, Desperate Housewives, Extreme Makeover Weightloss, General Hospital, George Lopez, Grey’s Anatomy, How to Get Away With Murder, Invasion, Lucky 7, Mistresses, Nashville, Ocean Mysteries, October Road, One Life to Live, The Practice, Pretty Little Liars, Private Practice, Revenge, Rookie Blue, Six Degrees, The Unusuals, The Whispers
  • https://hollywoodhealthandsociety.org/about-us/global-centers Global Centers | Hollywood Health & Society - Under the Creative Alliance for Global Health & Sustainability, HH&S launched joint projects in the creative capitals of India and Nigeria to use the power of entertainment to improve the lives of millions of TV and film viewers.
  • https://hollywoodhealthandsociety.org/about-us/industry-talk Industry Talk | Hollywood Health & Society - What Writers, Producers and Researchers Are SayingWhat Health Experts Are SayingWhat Partner Organizations Are Saying
  • https://hollywoodhealthandsociety.org/about-us/the-norman-lear-center The Norman Lear Center | Hollywood Health & Society - The Norman Lear Center is a nonpartisan research and public policy center that studies the social, political, economic and cultural impact of entertainment on the world. The Lear Center translates its findings into action through testimony, journalism, strategic research and innovative public outreach campaigns.
  • https://hollywoodhealthandsociety.org/climate-change-resources Climate Change Resources | Hollywood Health & Society - Hollywood, Health & Society assists with research, providing a range of information from experts for storylines on topics, from rising seas to melting glaciers, the increase of extreme weather to the spread of infectious diseases, from the Arctic to L.A. In addition, here are links to a few key documents including the UN’s landmark Paris agreement to Pentagon papers on climate change as a “threat multiplier” to national security. 
  • https://hollywoodhealthandsociety.org/materials/tip-sheets Tip Sheets | Hollywood Health & Society - We work with our partner organizations to create resources for writers and producers on a wide variety of compelling health topics. Tip sheets include basic information such as who’s at risk, typical symptoms and case examples for storylines, and additional resources on the topic.
  • https://hollywoodhealthandsociety.org/materials/research-evaluation Research & Evaluation | Hollywood Health & Society - We know from existing research that entertainment narratives can have a major influence on people’s knowledge, beliefs, attitudes and behavior. Through our research and evaluation activities, Hollywood, Health & Society aims to better understand—and thereby enhance—the impact of accurate, informative health and climate change storylines in TV and film. 
  • https://hollywoodhealthandsociety.org/videos Videos | Hollywood Health & Society - Want to know what leading experts from the CDC and other public health organizations have to say about cancer, reproductive health, drug abuse, sexual assault and other important topics? Or take a trip to remote Santa Cruz Island (and see a humpback whale surface off the ship's port side) to learn about wildlife habitat restoration efforts and the effects of climate change? You can also hear from local storytellers, and get behind-the-scenes looks from entertainment industry writers and producers on their creative process.
  • https://hollywoodhealthandsociety.org/content/climate-change Climate Change | Hollywood Health & Society - NASA-JPL scientist Eric Rignot discusses loss of glacial ice during Storybus Tour. Photo by Howard Pasamanick
  • https://hollywoodhealthandsociety.org/rethink-aging Rethink Aging | Hollywood Health & Society - Older adults, many still in the work force, are changing the face of American society. Photo: iStock
  • https://hollywoodhealthandsociety.org/for-writers/materiales-en-espanol Materiales en Espanol | Hollywood Health & Society - Cambio climático: Recursos para contar historias El cambio climático ya está afectando profundamente al planeta. Aquí compartimos algunos estudios e historias reales. 

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  • Jaylia - Often fascinating, not lighthearted, mostly written by men

    While often fascinating most of these essays are not lighthearted accounts of pleasure trips. Among other things the authors use their travels to investigate disease, explore war zones, experience oppressive governments, and view the results of economic collapse. Amanda Lindhout writes about being held hostage; David Sedaris tells about the suicide of one of his sisters.

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