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  • Hiro Protagonist - Limited lifespan & fraudulent warranty

    The design of the cups is clever. It blends smoothies very well, and is convenient and easy to clean. We loved it... for about 6 months. Then the motor burned out.

  • J. Freitag - Rick Steves Spain

    Rick Steves is, well, Rick Steves; pretty consistent and accurate in his evaluations. I have used his France, Italy, London, Austria and Germany books and found his style to be consistent, his evaluations accurate (mostly) and his travel style right on with mine. It is important that you find an author whose style matches your own. People consistently staying in 5 star accommodations, frequenting 3 star Michelin restaurants and leasing Mercedes with drivers should probably find another author.

  • Happy Mommy - Amazing!!

    I highly recommend this! Got it for my dog because she was a mess the week before the 4th of July--panting, shaking and following me around wanting me to hold her all night as soon as the first firework went off. Put the shirt on a couple times the day we got it before the fireworks started and then again before it got dark. The difference was absolutely amazing. My neighbors shot off all kinds of huge fireworks--some of which shook the windows and the dog was laying on the couch sleeping--anxiety gone. So great to know that she will not have to be stressed out all week next year before the 4th!

  • Matthew Presley - I miss the old days...

    The planchette doesn't glide across the surface because the surface has some sort of tackiness to it. Plus, the planchette is plastic and takes batteries to illuminate the interior