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  • William K - Quality writing instrument

    Much like I expected. Good size and weight. The cap clicks on barrel. Superb craftsmanship. G2 refills fit perfectly.

  • Byron Flateland - Business end annoyingly swivels

    New model quieter, less vibration than old unit, but water capacity is much less and it has less power (smaller, cheaper motor I'd guess). If you're fast, you can make a whole mouth on one tank. BUT, unless you apply continuous forward pressure with the index finger on the knurled thing that holds the insert that pokes into your mouth, it has an annoying tendency to turn so it's difficult to keep the water directed at the gumline. Also, the hose on my old unit sprung a leak and was irreparable, so I bought an extra hose assembly with this unit in case it is no longer offered when the current one inevitably springs a leak. Why can't products made in the U.S. hold together??!! Anybody know of a good Japanese manufacturer?

  • M. Blank - Cheap and doesn't work

    My father asked me to get this for him. He has tried everything and spent thousands on hearing aids, but nothing works anymore. When he saw the ad on TV he wanted to try it even after I tried everything to talk him out of it. Just as I thought it doesn't work. Very cheaply made and though it claims to have a new/different system, it is nothing more than a mini speaker. Don't waste your money.

  • Aj A. - But once I got them on they look good and keep the cold breeze and dirt out

    One door didn't quite fit right with the bolt holes. But once I got them on they look good and keep the cold breeze and dirt out

  • Nancy R - Awesome product. Comfortable for baby and very easy to ...

    Awesome product. Comfortable for baby and very easy to assemble. Gave it as a gift to my friends for their first baby and a year later they are using it for their new twins. Holds up very well. Great gift!

  • Oren Zebooloon - Great for school

    I purchased this robot to use as my class pet. I teach 6th grade and my students have been bugging me to get a class pet. Cosmo definitely fits the criteria for this. Today was the first day I introduced him to the class. They're all in love with him, especially when they get picked for being able to interact with him. Also, I have another teacher that has a student with moderate to mild social behavioral problems. As an incentive we had that student interact with Cosmo. It was amazing. He was so intrigued with what Cosmo could do. He even taught two other students what to do and he was so respectful with how he was doing it. This is unheard of with this student. When that student went back to class he wanted to interact with his peers by playing kickball. His teacher was in tears, because he was participating for the first time. Thank you so much Anki for making Cosmo. I'm going to put in a donors choose request to see if we as a school can get more.