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  • J. Gatlin - Be a Gazelle Potato NOT a Couch Potato!!!

    If everyone in America would start using the gazelle while watching their favorite TV show instead of sitting on the couch eating junk, the obesity problem would surely disappear!!! I admit to being a little more sedentary than I should have been, so decided to try this since its very affordable, compact, and there are tons of good reviews for it all over the internet. I was NOT DISAPPOINTED!!! Thinking about getting a little more movement into your life? BUY A GAZELLE! It is easy to use and if you make yourself do it (which isn't that hard, since its actually kind of fun!) you WILL notice the difference. You will feel better, physically and mentally. As for the squeaks I see complaints about, I haven't had many, but have used a little lube on it when it happens and then it goes away. I really appreaciate that FitnessQuest has made this so affordable, since some of us can't afford the money or time for a fancy gym membership! The gazelle is an easy and fun way to get exercise (especially if you live somewhere where its snowing, freezing, or raining 6 months a year like me). Plus, if you get into your favorite TV show (mine is Alias) you won't even notice the time going by and next thing you know you've been on it 45 minutes! I wouldn't recommend starting out that long though, the first month or so 20 minutes made me sore... but you do get built up to it. Buy one, you will not regret it and you will feel better! (If you're still not sure, go try one out at the local Sears and see how easy it is, that's what I did!)

  • serephim - Cartridges don't last

    The unit seems to work fine, but the initial cartridge only lasted approximately 100 flashes. I contacted the seller, they sent me a replacement. While waiting for the replacement, I used then next cartridge I had already purchased. Again, it only lasted about 100 flashes. As expensive as these cartridges are, I would have hoped they would have lasted the promised 750-1500 flashes. Very disappointed.

  • Academy - amazing

    Although purchased for a different purpose, a plastic water container on my coffee maker had cracked. This product did an amazing job of sealing the crack, and no leakage has occurred.

  • eroz - My favorite for creating and burning cds and dvds

    I have used Roxio for as long as I have owned a computer- about sixteen years. It is my favorite software for creating and burning cds and dvds. It is very easy to use, and the only problem that I have ever had is with a Dell laptop with Windows Vista which was not compatible.

  • JB West - Great Author

    Good instruction.. Easy to find what you want to learn more about.. Nothing is going to be too difficult to understand and learn..