Integrated Holistic Care for Children and Adults - The Center for Integrative Health is a consultative practice which integrates the care of children and adults with Autistic Spectrum Disorders, neurodevelopmental disorders, other chronic illnesses, mild traumatic brain injury and concussions. We work with families to integrate their therapies, medications, and other interventions in a thorough and holistic fashion.

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  • marmar - Ms. Skeptical

    To tell you the truth,I was very skeptical at first. I listened to the 1 minute transformation CD and I tried the methods they suggested to "transform" my daughter, but nothing worked. However, the further I got into the program, the more insite I got on what was going on inside my daughters head. There is a lot of information and lessons to go through, and you have to take your time to make it work. But it does work.

  • Gail M - ... a little over 3 weeks now - am very satisfied! I am currently going thru chemotherapy treatments and ...

    Have been taking for a little over 3 weeks now - am very satisfied! I am currently going thru chemotherapy treatments and one of my side effects is muscle soreness/achiness. Prior to beginning to use the Tumeric/Curcumin with Bioperine (1500), I used a combination of OTC pain relief (such as Alleve, etc.) and also topical creams/gels for this muscle soreness. With the approval of my oncologist, I began using your product, taking a lesser amount on "regular days" and an increased dosage on the days I usually experienced soreness/achiness. Although I noticed a difference the first week, I did still use the OTC pain relief as needed, however, for the last two rounds of treatment, I have not needed to take any OTC pain relief for my muscle soreness/achiness. I have already recommended it to family and friends - my father also started using it about the same time that I did and has been having good results as well (his for arthritis and general age-related aches). definitely recommend this product!!!

  • Jennifer Heim - All the secrets are here!

    This book is very thorough and a very easy read! There is so much useful information that digs so much deeper into the capabilities of Excel than what is offered in a basic class. The pictures are helpful, but it's better to follow along on your computer, so make sure you can read it and practice at your computer at the same time.

  • Chrissy Kim - Yay, No Creases!

    You've probably seen my review before, but I had to share my opinion on this product to make sure. There are different sellers who sell this product and I didn't want anyone to miss my review. So here goes!

  • HBPattskyn - Worst stuff ever.

    I bought this from the local hardware store. I (personally, not some company) refinished *all* of the floors in a 100 year old, five bedroom house. Even the kitchen is hardwood (as we found when we tore up three layers of putrid tile and linoleum.)

  • Henry Floyd - Mediocre at best

    Just plain ineffective. The strips did not stick to my nose and gradually started to peel themselves off after 10 or 20 minutes. Even during the time they were on, they didn't really widen my nostrils at all. So much for "50% stronger".