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  • Michael Dewey - Great, but missing one key feature

    There is only one place to tie an anchor. This is a large island and with 4-6 people in it, you need to be able to secure it so you don't float away. I had to tie it to my dock to ensure it stayed in place. The Island is well made and the best design I have found as far as layout and comfort. I rated four stars due to the lack of a center anchor point, otherwise it's a five star island.

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    I am a heavy smoker, at least 3-4 joints a day plus a bowl or two. I smoked 2 days before my hair test and only used the Ultra Clean and passed for a full 5 panel. I have longer hair and its a medium brown so I used 2 boxes and followed the directions to a tee. After reading several reviews I was really worried I would fail and I even went ahead and purchased all of the products for the macujo method just in case I failed this test (this was a preliminary test that if I passed would be used as the final). I would HIGHLY recommend this product to anyone that needs to pass a hair follicle test, especially if you're a heavy smoker.