INexium - Informations, effets secondaires, ... - L’Inexium est un médicament antisécrétoire gastrique proposé sous forme d’un comprimé à 20 mg et à 40 mg. Toutes les informations importantes sur les ...

  • Les Effets Secondaires - INexium - L’Inexium est un médicament antisécrétoire gastrique proposé sous forme d’un comprimé à 20 mg et à 40 mg. Toutes les informations importantes sur les effets secondaires ...
  • L'INexium pour les bébés et les enfants - INexium - L’Inexium chez les nourrissons et les enfants. Toutes les informations et préconisations sur l'Inexium pour les enfants et les ...

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  • C. Gardner - I love it!

    I loved this product so much that I bought one for my father. I love the fact that I can make any type of carbonated beverage whenever I have the craving. Out of all the sample flavors that came with it, I was happy with all of them. Root Beer tastes just like Barqs, Dr. Pete is very similar to Dr. Pepper, and Coke tastes very similar to coke. All in all, I am very pleased with the flavor imitations and think this product will be great.

  • Leilani T. Walton - Great!

    I have to admit, watching "Breaking Bad" was what reminded me of how much I liked this. The remaster is clear and wonderful.

  • Amy R. - Great protection

    I bought the white and peacock blue case for my new phone. Having had it for about a month now, I'm generally very happy with it. It's definitely solid and effective protection from tumbles and drops. I'm pretty clumsy and tend to drop my phone a lot, so that's the most important thing to me—just last night I dropped it from a standing position and it landed on its face, and because of the case's slight lip around the front, the screen was saved from impact. I've dropped the phone on its back, side, corners, you name it, and the case has done its job.

  • Jay Ellis - Have patience. This works. No more pressure washing!

    As others have said, it takes a while to work. I followed mixing directions and sprayed it on very badly stained limestone steps that get little sun and a lot of moisture. After two months, the black is gone from most steps. I sprayed it on heavily and then just waited. It has done a really nice job with much less work on my part than pressure washing. In addition, zero plantings in the area were damaged. That's a major plus for me. I'll add the final star if the few remaining areas of mold & mildew disappear in another month or so.

  • Alex N - I do not recommend this case for the Iphone 6s Plus.

    I ordered this case because I love how the case looks and it had excellent reviews. I read that it was compatible with both the Iphone 6 and 6s Plus so I went for it. However, I have to say that it is not a comfortable fit at all for the Iphone 6s Plus. This is because the 6s Plus has slightly larger measurements. This causes this case to be extremely hard to put on and take off. The 6s Plus fits so tight that it made me uncomfortable in the event I dropped it because the case felt like it was being stretched out way too much. It also managed to chip a piece of the paint on the side of the phone while I was taking off the case. So I went ahead and tested it on my friend's Iphone 6 Plus and it fit so perfectly on his phone as well as being easy to take on and off. I have read that there are a lot of phone cases that are not compatible with both the 6 Plus and 6s Plus even though the manufacturer states that in fact they are compatible, and this UAG case is one of them in my opinion.