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  • reba shimansky - Man of the World A Must for Clinton Supporters

    I found " Man of the World" to be a very engrossing and informative book. It is a pleasure to read a book about Bill Clinton that is not a hachet job. It is obvious that Conason has a close relationship with Bill Clinton and therefore provides inside information that you cannot find in any other book book about Bill Clinton. If you are a supporter of Bill Clinton this is a must read for you.

  • M. Gant - Awesome for Laminate and Tile

    Like the other reviewer, I had tried everything to get the gunk off my laminate floors. After laying tile in another room and dealing with streaks from the grout sealer for weeks (and the smell of the vinegar everyone swore would clean the tiles so nicely), I bought this product aong with the little microfiber bonnet that goes over the regular sponge mop head and my tiles are gleaming and beautiful without being slick or slippery. I thought maybe this is what I need on the laminates as well, so I tried it there too. AWESOME! I highly recommend this product.

  • Amazon Customer - exvellent and natural

    Excellent and natural. I used this on all of my kitties AND was very happy with the results. Flea issue was resolved quickly.

  • Trainlover Clause - Great Program and getting better.

    Quickbooks is the 3rd book keeping software I have ever tried and love it. The instructions in the first version I bought were very in-depth and complete, and not only explained the workings of the program but also helped in explaining the process of book keeping and some of the tips and procedures needed to do efficient book keeping. The only problem I had was in the early versions it seemed the program was not geared toward service type business so much, but that has been addressed in the later versions. I now have QB 2013 and absolutely love it. Another thing I like is that the program gives you an option not only for feed back but also a place where you can give suggestions on how to improve the program. When I had 2010 I submitted a few improvements suggestions that were service business related and in the 2013 version, those improvements were in the program. There are many more features and things I love about Quickbooks that are too numerous to name here, but Quickbooks is the only book keeping program I will ever use.

  • S Davis - so so

    Liked this when I first started using it, but found after a while it is very drying. I only use it now if I am in a break out time of month and need the cleanse with a bit of drying..not recommended for dry skin