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  • Alex P. Berg - Pretty Good All-in-One Gateway

    I needed a new gateway to replace my old Motorola SBG900, which Comcast was fazing out in my area, so I looked into getting this ostensibly next-gen DOCSIS 3.0 Gateway instead. I've seen a lot of both very positive and very negative feedback for this product here on Amazon, so I decided I would give my thoughts to try and help people make an informed decision about whether or not to buy the SBG6580.

  • Marigold - Very good.

    I had read many reviews before deciding which Antivirus to buy. I chose Norton because of its long standing and respect in the computer world. I like it a lot. Works well, tells me what I need to know without intruding and making access to websites difficult as some do.,

  • Amire Jones - Title Taker

    I absolutely love wrestling.And this game did not disappoint with a variety of my favorite wwe superstars and a few new moves I'm definiently kickin ass and taking titles!

  • pharris - Keep it simple and it work

    I am not sure of my hair type but I am African American with kinky hair. I follow the curly girl method and I love this product and it's my main styler for my wash and go. I just want to mention a few things technique is extremely important period you can buy any product out there on the shelf but if you don't know how to style your hair it's pointless so learn how to do your hair and stop blaming the product also this product is great but it's not a miracle worker and if your hair is not already moisturizer then that's a problem. Three times a week I apply a Shea moisture deep conditioner to my DRY hair baggy it and sleep over night despite what some say you can never over condition kinky hair it begs for moisture. In the morning I detangle in the shower RINSE VERY WELL and apply a lot of the knot today RAKING it through with my fingers until it's soft then I SMOOTH a little of the custard to define and hold my curls make note lots of conditioner little gel only soft healthy conditioned hair will curl. I do all of this in the shower I then shake excess water and let air dry or diffuse. Simple as that the reason why some people get white balls and flakes is that they mix the product and this can happen with any gel Eco etc just keep it simple and use both the knot today and custard and you will be fine and remembered lots of conditioner little gel your hair will turn out fine and you won't waste the product.

  • Trish Wiltshire - Safe, effective--finally losing weight!

    Really helps to ease my appetite and "bingy" cravings especially after dinner. I've lost 8lbs with no side effects and no stringent diet--am just not over eating. Even when eating my favorite foods I find I am satisfied quickly. I researched the ingredients before trying--nothing pharmaceutical and seems natural/healthy.....I wondered if I was wasting my money but could not be happier!

  • F. Williams - For best results, use this filter with a coffeemaker filter ...

    For best results, use this filter with a coffeemaker filter to create something like a tea bag. This strainer alone allows coffee grains in your cup of coffee. So I had to get creative because I can't stand coffee grains in my coffee. But other than that, the coffee comes out just like you brewed the coffee. The longer you let the coffee filter sit in the coffee the stronger the coffee gets.