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  • Miguel21 - Not a Vine Customer Review

    I use this in conjunction with Retin A and the Cerave AM with SPF. I'm not totally happy with the moisture content of the AM lotion but feel this PM lotion give me sufficient moisture.

  • Marcy Roberts - it's like you cannot wait to see happens next

    I have read every Shade book Bella has wrote, when I started reading that's kinda what I was expecting but boy was I wrong. This book is the most thrilling, keep you on the edge of your seat and not be able to put down book I've read this year! The story grabs you and just won't let go, it's like you cannot wait to see happens next. I was skeptical about the new series from Bella but she reels you in with it. Excellent story line and characters ( some you just love others if you could reach through the book and throat punch them you probably would), and such different worlds. She's a genius! My favorite book of her's and that's saying alot because I am a proud Shaddict! Great work defiantly won't regret reading this one!

  • Sarah Tucker - Great Product

    If you are entering menapause and having trouble sleeping all night, this is one of the products you need to pick up. You apply only a small amount to the areas in rotation as listed in the flyer and it helps in all sorts of ways. Dr. Lee wrote a book about menapause listing the benefits he found in clinicals working with women and this product. If you are getting off HRT therapy as I was, it also helped to add Heat Flash put out by the same company.