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  • S.R. Kelley - Not the worst, but not the best either

    This borders more between the 2-3 stars. I don't like it, but doubt there is anything much better out there. I'm in a temporary apt where there is no stove top and I like to cook. I thought this would be a good solution. Well, it turned out to be an okay solution, but not a great one. Both burners take forever to heat up. Once the large burner heats up, it defintely gets hot. Way too hot. There is a knob to adjust the temp, but it only says low, medium, hot and once it's hot, it's very difficult to get it down to a normal cooking temp. So you end you either boiling things over or not being able to cook in a timely manner. The small burner is really only good for keeping things warm. Quite frankly it's a pain in the rump and I wouldn't buy one of these things again. I long for a real stove again so my love of cooking will be returned.

  • Gill - Get the G100 NOT this one

    My friend has the G100 (seltzer bottle is more free standing) and I was impressed. When I went to the store, I got this model figuring I'd save a few dollars. When I got it home and set it up, the design is just bad. When you go to get the bottle out, you have to jimmy it and seltzer gets everywhere.

  • Ben Ben - Why does One Step Update never take only 1 step?

    This is very bad software that keeps getting worse. parts of the GUI are 10 years ole. Only the very top levels of the GUI get revised occasionally. Less used features get cut because they don't want to fix them, and nothing of value gets added. Too bad it's a monopoly now.

  • Amazon Customer - Its very simple but serves a purpose. Prior to ...

    Its very simple but serves a purpose. Prior to purchasing this product I was not using a case. This case offers enough protection for my needs and is light and durable. It also doesn't add much bulk to the phone which makes it easier to slide in and out of my pocket. I'm a fan.

  • Amazon Customer - Catch em all!

    Great reel so far! Very easy to dial in and has awesome feel and very smooth mechanically! Will buy again!