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  • Zaks - Holds like cement

    Very strong, and holds things together better than any nail. Can be used for a variety of other things as well. Scent isn't as strong as I had anticipated, which is a great thing as I have a pretty sensitive nose. You are able to really control where the glue goes with this bottle. Never gets messy, and you are able to release the quantity you want. Dries up quick.

  • awoodson - Good quality - iffy fit on Kenmore stove

    I must echo what some others folks have said - on my Kenmore stove, the larger pans just don't fit quite right. They're loose to the point that they slip around.Aside from that, these drip pans seem great so far. Definitely good quality.

  • mcgrimes1940 - J K Lasser's "Your Income Tax"

    A necessary reference book regarding taxes. Always pays to consult the experts when dealing with the government. I would suggest it to my friends and relatives, anyone who prepares taxes.

  • Star - Ignore the bad reviews, they don't know how to work it!

    I've owned one of these for a long time. Infact, about 6 years or so. It still works the same to this day. The batteries don't run out to fast, and it fits around my waist perfectly. You don't have to buy the "gel" that it comes with. I have always gotten just a cheap 1 dollar bottle of lube, and it works like a charm. It may not seem like you're getting a work-out. But trust me, you are. If you leave it on for to long YOU WILL BE SORE. But hey, no pain no gain!