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  • Matt McDonald - Be careful...

    Use caution when exposing this stuff to water after application. I recommend waiting 3-4 days if at all possible, because if it hasn't dried completely then it will start to dissolve and it smells terrible (the fumes were pretty distressing in the shower). Definitely don't apply it too heavily or it will never manage to dry out.

  • Lil Tiger - Ordered a used book.

    The book is for reading between the serious, long stories. A break but a good one. The book was delivered in time and in good shape.

  • Rozi - The number of sprays recommended on the bottle are far too many and leave ...

    Saw this at a friend's house and thought the name was very amusing. It is very effective in masking unpleasant toilet time odors. The bottle advises 4-6 sprays, but we find one quick one on the water does the trick. The number of sprays recommended on the bottle are far too many and leave the bathroom overwhelmed and the smell, though not unpleasant, travels throughout the house.

  • Myles - AWESOME

    I bought one of these for my silver Chevy Cruze Eco. I bought the "Ingot silver Metallic UX" color for the Ford Fusion, and the color works perfectly. I have no complaints. The color on my shark fin matches the paint on my car perfectly. I still get my AM/FM radio fine. It looks great and is very easy to install. For those of you thinking about getting it, GET IT!!!

  • kevin hance - Has every bell and whistle you could want for a 1080p monitor, and it's freaking Vesa compatible.

    It's a great monitor. If you are like me you wanted a 1080p monitor with no compromises and this one had everything I was looking for. It worked perfect out of the box. I have now purchased two of these monitors and the second one works no problem.