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  • Amazon Customer - This item was perfect and was exactly what i was expecting

    This item was perfect and was exactly what i was expecting. The item came in no time and was very well packaged and in a great shape. I'm very happy and pleased with the item i received and want to thank the seller for a terrific product. The description of this item was very accurate and had all correct information. I would also like to include that I received this product for free to review.

  • Ivan - Worked great for me...

    Not sure what type of systems the bad reviewers are running, but the system worked great for me. It detected a rogue program (a fake internet security suite) on my sister's computer and successfully removed it. It also removes a lot of cookies. The program runs really smooth on my computer. I have experienced ZERO problems. It has not slowed my computer at all.

  • forrie lowell - The Best version comes to Blu-Ray!! (a blu-ray review only)

    A Christmas tradition every year is to watch some media version of Dicken's Classic "A Christmas Carol", Of all the scores of versions which have come out over the years in color, animation, with lots of computer inhancements, NONE hold a candle to this 1951 British adaptation of the classic short story,

  • Heidi L. Marshall - Some Entertainment

    This was good. I had a few laughs with this. I have watched both Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters with interest. So the premise of this documentary held my interest. The ghost hunters were very funny. If the same people produced another documentary of any topic I would watch it. This was worth 1:41 of my time.