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  • Robin Lewis - Makes a BIG difference on my dry skin with lines...

    I have always had dry skin and genetically have more lines than friends my age or older. My skin DOES respond well to micro chemical peels, but it gets expensive. I bought this on sale and was skeptical, but my sister immediately commented on how good I looked. Apparently, I'm not sensitive to the product so I leave it on a couple minutes longer and use it more often than they advise...

  • Shirls Rizzo - So far so good!

    With any new supplement that you introduce to your diet, it can take anywhere from three weeks to two months before you start seeing results, so I will only be reviewing my initial experience with this product and will have to come back in a few weeks to edit to let you all know how it goes.

  • Why Fi - Works as advertised (with Comcast)

    My ISP is Comcast. I returned the $7/month rental modem. I chose the white unit based on previous reviews stating that the black units may have certain ' issues'. Prior to making the purchase I searched the internet for help forums to be sure I knew what would be involved. Once the unit arrived and I was ready to make the switch over, I got my info ready: The important info I needed was 1) a couple items printed in tiny print on the label on the router (so in advance, I got out my magnifier and wrote them down in big readable print on a piece of paper so I did not have to struggle to read them while on the phone while the router was connected and stowed behind my desk), 2) the Comcast tech support phone number + my Comcast acct number. First I took screenshots of my previous rental modem configs (just in case.) Then I disconnected the rental modem and connected this new one. I reset my wifi router so it would find the new modem. Then, to get the new modem working, I called the Comcast support number on my bill & they gave me a different phone number to call specifically for connecting customer owned modems. I called this other number and told them what I wanted to do. From here it was easy. The tech verified my account, entered the new modem info, and noted that FW update would need to take place. The tech stayed on the line with me while the modem FW got updated, and then the connections were re-checked. The Tech explained what the various LEDs on the front panel indicated as the process progressed (I was asking b because the documentation is only rudimentary.) When the process was done, I verified I had upload & download functionality and all configs were proper (I watched all the progress from the beginning via my web browner pointed to The Tech stayed on the line while we checked speeds - which were performing as advertised. Entire process took maybe 15 minutes, mostly due to the FW update process which went flawlessly, just takes a bit of time for reboots, etc. I returned the rental to a Comcast Service center the next day and got a receipt for it. My next invoice properly showed pro-rated service billing for the rental, and properly noted that I provide my own modem now so there is no rental fee. I have been running it for over a month now, no issues that I have noticed. Note: I did not gain speed because of the modem, as I expected. What I gained was no more rental fees, and in a year this should pay for itself. I also know my new modem will support higher speeds if I ever do want to pay for that. My only real complaint, as noted in other reviews: THE LEDs ARE WAY TO DOGGONE BRIGHT!! Some people may want their office to look like the Starship Enterprise datacenter with lots of blinking lights, but I do not. Even masking the lights at the front panel only slightly helps - the lights glow so brightly that light also leaks out from the SIDES and TOP of the unit through the heat vent holes. I am a bit reluctant to take the thing apart to mask the LEDs from the inside, but this is one situation where I might just have to break down do that.