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  • Claire - These are very good compilations.

    I listen to it all the time. I have all of the Grammy Nominee CD's from 1995 to present, missing only 2007. That one seems to be hard to find. These are very good compilations.

  • Anderson Global Trading LLC - Nice head to toe, smells great, pump is convenient.

    I switched to this recently after finding out how bad all the ingredients were in my standard products. This soap is amazing. It has a foam pump so it's super easy for me and my kids to use. It use it for my 4, 3, and 1 year Olds from head to toe and it's all we need. Seems to do the job and smells nice. They also have a lotion that we usually follow up with. It's nice having a natural product option now.

  • Danielle Bruss - WTF Happened?!

    Made it all the way to Barcelona. Clicked on the passport to open it up and NOTHING. NONE of the areas will open except Sydney. I was already logged in with Facebook, so that doesn't help. WTF Happened?!

  • K. Carl - Total fake! Do not purchase!!

    The real, authentic Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Mask sold by the manufacturer is a miracle for your hair. This product sold on Amazon is a total fake that doesn't look, smell or perform like the original. Totally frustrating waste of money, Do not buy!!