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  • Erin Mayo - Comfortable for a lot of walking.

    Bought these to walk hours a day at a convention. They are comfortable and kept my feet as pain free as can be expected when walking for 9 hours straight. They are a little difficult to get on as the shoe is sewn together with elastic under the tongue. So, undoing the laces doesn't actually loosen up the shoe. The pull tab on the back of the heel is helpful in pulling them on. I liked the design. My friends thought the shoes were cool. They are thin and lightweight. Great for packing for a trip. There isn't much arch support, however. Rounded toe provides enough room to move your toes comfortably.

  • dc001 - Too many inconsistencies in the plot.

    If you liked the 2nd book, then is review is not for you. I read this 3rd book after a disappointing 2nd book because I have desire to find out how things turn out. This is one of those time I wish I could resists such desires.


    Turbotax is terrible and overpriced. They sneak in extra charges at the very end. This year they "accidentally" charged me an extra $39.99 and didn't notify me until my credit card had already been charged. So I got on the phone with customer support and spent about 45 minutes listening to the representative try to figure out how to work the computer in front of her. In the end I will get my $39.99 refunded, but it will be MAILED as a CHECK to my home address. And it will take 4-8 weeks. When I was told this, I said this is unacceptable and asked to speak with this representatives supervisor and she just put me on hold for another 15 minutes until I gave up. I'm going to use a different tax preparation app next year.

  • Life is Music - It's worth a shot, you be the judge.

    I'm not sure what to think about this one, but here it goes. If you follow the instructions, with a very strict diet, and a hardcore workout (2 days high intensity cardio, 2 days weight lifting), then I kid you not, I transformed my body. Six pack and all for the first time in my life. However, was it my training, and diet? Was it the pills? Was it a combination? I'm not sure, so I'm stopping after my second bottle and maintain my gains. Another thing it did for me, dead sleep, and I mean dead asleep to the point my girl would have to shove me to wake me. After a good 8 to 10 hours of sleep, I would still wake up hazy. Oh, and did I mention the craziest dreams ever? One more thing it did, boners... raging, hardcore, morning wood.

  • R. J. Levin - Quick read that will open your eyes.

    This book will change the way you look at the world! There is so much that you suspected or feared that is happening. Cathy makes the topic of mathematical models easy to understand. She also makes the stakes clear (They are very very high.... Especially if you are poor)

  • Kindle Customer - It's ok but not what I expected

    This sweater does not look like it does in the picture...it comes up a little higher in the front and doesn't drape the front like the picture!

  • Joan Diamond - Lost a potential customer

    I was looking to purchase PS. I wouldn't even mind paying a hefty upfront cost for great software but I will not get sucked in to this mess.