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  • Josh Buchsbaum - Looks great, fun to install

    I actually had a lot of fun installing this. The instructions can be slightly intimidating and a little bit unclear, but once you get your hands on the parts, it's pretty clear. As long as you have a screwdriver, it's an easy install. Took me maybe 10 minutes. It looks a lot better than the door-less one the car came with. I think it was worth it to buy the OEM one because of the Jeep logo and because of the peace of mind knowing it would fit my '15 Wrangler Unlimited. Definitely recommend.

  • J. Nichols - Wow... Awesome... But when are you going to get rid of Phenolic handles?

    Thinner and more temperature-responsive than most ironware, with a very forgiving enamel interior, I have only a little more to say than that I love my 5 1/2 qt. Dutch... Oh, please excuse me, FRENCH oven. Even after turning up the wrong burner with a batch of Channa Masala in the pot, and burning half my tomatoes to the bottom of the pan, cleanup was a snap, and there was no damage to the enamel! My only complaints join legions of others... First, the phenolic handle. Really, Le Creuset, WHY?!?!? And if it's really inert, high-acid dishes shouldn't stain the interior so easily. I have a couple Chantal pots, and NOTHING colors those interiors short of horrible damage to the seal of the glaze. I've been assured this coloration is normal, and healthy, and not a problem, but it still bugs the heck out of me. Yet, food keeps turning out perfect. If there are any negative developments, I will be sure to let all know! I have several pieces of this very special cookware, and have yet to find anything but the above to complain about. Viva la Le Creuset!!!

  • Lori A. - Not What I Expected

    I don't understand all the wonderful reviews of this product. I think it tastes pretty bad. It is a little better than your typical instant coffee, but nowhere near close to the way a gourmet coffee should taste.


    The texture is wonderful. It applies with ease and spreads well. A little goes a long way. This was a surprise since I considered the price high for the size of the jar. The best was yet to come; it stings so badly it really gives one a wake up call in the morning! Literally, a slap in the face! And the rest, it is mid afternoon and still stinging. What more could I want at seventy-six?

  • Lisa S - Help for Unique Organizations

    I am fairly new to bookkeeping and completely new to QB. I am the office personnel for a rural church. Our needs differ from most businesses. Our purpose and our tax regulations don't fit the mold of a typical non-profit foundation either. These unique differences make the bulk of the training videos and manuals very tedious and confusing to adapt in a practical way. I could not have deciphered and used the product without the amazing techs that are available, patient, kind, enjoyable, and efficient. They have taught me the best way to accomplish my goals. I did watch the videos and have a manual and they have been very helpful, but the final breakthroughs usually come with the help of a tech.

  • Zheng HAN - This cream feels super greasy and even not comfortable for my own hand

    I wish there is zero-star if possible, have no idea why those people gave 5-star... This cream feels super greasy and even not comfortable for my own hand, how can the baby like it at all? Useless for easing the diaper rash, Trashed it after 2 times use, don't waste your money!!

  • Mini - Five Stars

    This really helps me sleep at night. I've tried tea's and other holistic methods, but this really works.