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  • Katrina Rucinski - Saved me from a $750 repair job

    I have a 2003 Toyota Camry with about 130,000 miles, and the check engine light had been going off for a while. My mechanic had reset it a few times, and he thought it was going off because of a leak in my exhaust system which was near the sensor for the catalytic converter. After he replaced the flex pipe which had the leak in it, the check engine light was still going off. He recommended I try this product before doing the $750 repair job that I would need to replace the catalytic converter. I followed the directions on the bottle, filled up with premium fuel, and in a few days the light went off on its own. Directions recommend using this product about 4 times a year, and after the success I had with it recently, I will definitely do that.

  • C.Mc - Oh yeah!!

    Let's just say that when I used this I didn't have ANY type of odor down below. None. It literally makes you odorless and that is the reason I will definitely be purchasing this again! I would usually develop some sort of scent throughout the day, especially in the heat and after taking a tinkle, but with this spray, NADA! Oh yeah, I was told I tasted it obviously doesn't leave a bad taste (if you know what I mean)

  • JoAnnie - psychological effects

    Gave me a boost of energy, but had horrible psychological effects. I was on and off this stuff and each time I was on it I would feel very depressed or angry and easily irritated. Also I felt aches throughout my body and would even bruise easily. I took the normal dosage as instructed on directions.

  • Jeff Greenberg - Excellent results!!

    I recently replaced my sewer main and was directed to this product by a friend of mine. This is without a doubt the best grass seed I have EVER purchased. I bought the three lb bag which wasn't enough to cover the entire area that needed to be reseeded. So I picked up a bag of scotts my normal goto brand at home depot to finish the job. The areas where I planted the scotts is weeks behind the Jonathan Green all areas have been tended too the same and where sown at the same time. It's a head and shoulders difference. I can for the life me see how anyone has a negative thing to say about this seed. I've been tending lawns for over 20 years and worked for a lawn service going through college. Hands down the best lawn seed I have ever used.

  • Susan M Ross - Overated

    I didn't loose as much weight as I expected to loose after four weeks on the program. Its much like the Atkins diet so I just transitioned over.

  • Carmela Bendetta - You don't have to skimp to eat healthy!

    Easy to follow recipes with beautiful illustrations. I like the Skinnytaste cookbooks because she doesn't use obscure/hard to find ingredients. I haven't been disappointed yet. Try the chicken cacciatore - delicious!

  • K. Lopshire - Great story, actors, graphics

    "2012" is one of my favorite natural disaster/end of the world type movies. This movie has great actors (I love John Cusack) and the graphics are done very well. I've watched a lot of movies like this and you can definitely tell the difference when the disaster scenes are cheaply done. The scenes in this movie are eerily realistic. The story follows several characters in different places and situations, but even the characters not in the main story line are well-developed so you really feel for them and what they're experiencing. This is definitely an action movie, but it's peppered with romance, comedy and suspense, and includes those moments of uneasiness you get in a horror film.