Gemma Calzada nutritionist - Nutritionist. Nutrition therapist and a certified GAPS practitioner, accredited by ASCA. Her mission is to improve health through nutrition and to help people suffering from a dietary intolerance to live happily. Living Fully Nourished looks to identify the origin of a disease, to stop it at its source and to give the organism a chance to recover. Our approach is dedicated to uncovering what food will best contribute to an individual’s wellbeing.

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  • K. Salmon - Excellent Book

    This book lead me in the right direction towards enlightenment. It is ideal for the black aspirant of complete health (wholistic), while good for people of all races. It covers a wide variety of material concerning holistic health, human existance, psychology, behaviour, and also differnces between races. One might read this book and think that L.Afrika is racist, but the concept of racism is an illusion of the mind imposed unto us by our own ignorance of Self, and backed by a corrupt system of injustice.

  • gary - Not for me

    Had a friend tell me good things about this product for athletes foot. I used it with a loofah on my small area on my foot, and then used it on my legs and arms. I used it a couple of times before any reaction, then I don't know if it spread the athletes foot to my legs and arms or maybe I am allergic to some ingredient contained within it, but I broke out with such an intense itchy rash on my legs and arms. I Stopped using it, and took a few Epsom salt baths mixed with rubbing alcohol and stopped the itch. My friend still swears by it, but as for me "Never Again".