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  • robert easton - I'm pretty much living for castor oil these days

    Castor Oil has a thousand and one incredible uses! The reason I was so keen to get my hands on this was that I typically use Castor Oil to cleanse my face. It has an out of this world astringent property that really help my acne prone skin. Sense I've been using this, mixed with a little bit of coconut oil as the carrier oil, I have seen a remarkable different in my skin's tone and texture, I can literally massage blackheads out of my nose, and my blemishes have reduce to almost nothing. I'm pretty much living for castor oil these days!

  • T210 - I wanted to love it but, the smell.....

    I have always used Josie Maran argon oil and wanted to switch to something less expensive but still organic. I figured since they are all organic and fragrance free they would all smell the same. I have to say, I have never smelled anything so bad. You know that smell when you walk into the zoo? It's like that or walking into a tire shop. I can't tell if it smells more like the zoo or rubber tires but I absolutely can't put it on my face anymore. Also - put your hand in front of it because it will squirt straight out. I guess I'll keep it for my elbows.

  • Bmunny - Just the attitude adjustment I needed

    This book is full of both the practical advice you can implement today and the theory that supports it. All I can say is that Athol Kay has nailed it. I consider myself a smart, proud man that can figure out his own solutions but the mystery of unlocking my wife's sexual desire was a nut I couldn't crack. I was frustrated and angry with her until I read this book. Now I feel like the power and control are back in my hands. This book should be required reading for any man contemplating marriage or already in one.

  • alice martin - Love it,but it takes time.

    I have been using the galvanic spa and gels for over a year, my skin has had a dramatic improvment. This is a product that will help your skin get better and better over time. You're not going to see dramatic results in a week, have patience it's worth it!!

  • C. Williams - Perfect Breaking Bad final tune

    Hello again you 1972 high school Friday night drive around listening to 8 track in boyfriends car song. Thank you writers of Breaking Bad to bring this song back to me. It could not have been any more perfect for the final scene of Walt.

  • Amazon Customer - I have fine hair and was nervous it might break my hair ...

    My hair has been very dry and brittle, so I decided to give this a try. I have fine hair and was nervous it might break my hair so I did a strand test first, it seemed to be fine so I followed the instructions exactly on all of my hair. I washed and towel dried it, put step 1 on, combed it through and left it on for 30 mins total. I used a hand blow dryer for the first 10 mins, then let it sit for another 20 mins until it was super hard. Then I washed out with warm water, put in the conditioner that goes with it and I left that in for 20 mins. I rinsed that out and I can definitely feel a difference! My hair is softer, and silky for sure! I'm hoping it stays this way and it's not because I just washed out the conditioner. I'll update again in about a week, but I definitely feel a big difference right away! I'm hopeful I've found help for my hair that actually works! Oh and the smell is not great, but not big deal