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  • Emily J Merrick - A mom's best friend!

    Totally impressive! As a very busy stay-at-home mother of four, it takes a lot to impress me when it comes to a cleaning product. My youngest is 15 mos. old and I am convinced he hides crumbs in his pocket just to dump them out into the floor when I am not looking. :-) With multiple cats in the home, young children, and hardwood floors, a vacuum is a very important thing in our home. I was skeptical when I ordered the Linx. I was worried that I'd be disappointed. Wrong! It does a fantastic job of picking up even the heavier crumbs and small pebbles tracked in by the kiddos. It is lightweight enough that I can carry my toddler on my hip and vacuum at the same time. Our home is not huge (about 1440 sq. ft.), so the amount of vacuum time on a single charge works well. If I had a two story home and needed to vacuum daily, I'd probably get one for each floor. I love, love, love the cordless feature. No more tangled up mess and worrying myself over my toddler pulling the plug out of the wall. I was really surprised that the vacuum also does so well on rugs. This busy mom gives the Linx a very enthusiastic 5 star rating!

  • J. Barnes - Variety pack, please?!

    This floss is fantastic. I can't believe I'm this excited about floss. It's worth the price. The coconut kind flavor was nice, very subtle. I wish I could buy a multipack of different flavors instead of three packs of one.

  • Faith hicks - Great

    The only thing i would complain about is the size. Its a little bulky but its worth it for several full charges.

  • dwight cohis - Love it!

    My 3 year old LOVES this bike! He is showing incredible balance improvement after only a few days of riding it. I'm hoping that this will be just what he needs to build his confidence and move on to a regular bike. He is 43 inches tall and this bike fits him with the seat in the highest position. I wish I would have thought to buy this last year, but at least his little brother will be able to use it once he moves on.

  • DaveC - This stuff is an absolute miracle!

    A couple years back I chopped off a good 1/4" of my thumb using a mandoline slicer. I applied manuka honey to the wound with a clean bandage daily and within around 4 weeks I swear to God that almost 90% of what I chopped off my thumb had grown back and even the fingerprints returned. Since then I've used it for heartburn, sore throats, and minor cuts all of which are healed within a day. This stuff is heavenly mana in a jar.