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  • Kathleen P Mulcahy - Love it

    Perfect for taming frizz. Just put a marble size amount on your fingertips and lightly pat into the frizz all around your hair. Avoid getting it on the roots or doing too much because it'll look greasy.

  • Jojo's Momma - Size up!

    I bought this for my 4 year old. The costume itself is cute - kinda cheaply made but what do you do when your kid wants the costume? Anyway, I had to return it because the toddler size was too small for him. It was a hot seller for halloween, so I had to buy it retail for $32. If you can snag it on Amazon, do it! But size up!

  • Mmmhmm - " and this product was recommended by a friend"

    Based on all the fabulous reviews, I had hope for this product. Our hardwood needed a "pick-me-up," and this product was

  • PinkDahlia - Irritating... disappointed.

    I tried this shampoo and wash because it was fragrance free and I have sensitive skin. It dried out my skin and hair and while it may not have any synthetic fragrance, it does have a harsh smell that irritated my nose and eyes. I don't see how it could be good for a baby.

  • Bombayq - Nightmare

    I bought the Nest and installed in in a rental unit. It has been a nightmare from the start. The tech folks at Nest are wonderful, but the product has never worked correctly.

  • JaJen - Nearly Miraculous!

    From the time I was a teenager, and I am 44 now, the skin on my feet has gotten terribly dry. Back then I had satin sheets and they were ruined from my dry skin messing them up by putting little pulls in the fabric.

  • Melissa McCleary - New Life for Classic Tales

    Grimm fairy tales have been told and retold in many different fashions, from child-friendly to the absolutely gruesome, but Tan's version takes each selected tale to a new level to invoke emotions not only through words, but physical art. Each piece accompanying short paragraphs of story seems truly tangible and, most frequently, overwhelmingly saddening. The care taken for each statue breaths new life into the words while leaving the details in obscurity, just as the artist intended.