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  • 24pants - A very great apocalypse movie if you like John Cusack!

    A very great apocalypse movie! I'm a huge John Cusack enthusiast so this movie was definitely for me! 2012 is heartwarming, and reassuring that not all comes to an end at the end of the world! 2 thumbs way up!

  • myriad song - I thinks its working...;)

    I don't know if this product is working or if its all in my head???? I do know that I seem to be getting better (and thats all I really care about ;). Ive had candida before and the lengths I had to go to get rid of it were tiring. I HATED the candida diet. But supposedly with threelac you don't have to worry about that. However, I tried to do a cadida-esque diet but... it only lasted a week (LOL). So I have been taking threelac for almost 2 months now and I finally seem to be getting back to normal. Now two months may sound like a long time but keep in mind I pretty much ate and eat what I want ( which would make health nuts/natural foods nutritionists SCREAM). I should also mention that I had to start with only one packet a day and work my way up to what ever my body could handle. Which turned out to be four but that was to costly so I am taking three. As I said I have been taking it for two months and now I can graduate to five lac. That only requires a packet or two a day for maintainence so we will see how that goes.

  • Imamomnwife - So Handy & Easy to Use

    I purchased the Unique Pepper/Salt Mill With Adjustable Ceramic Grinder Mechanism By Kitch Elegance. This grinder arrived very quickly and without any issues.

  • Ronald T. - Excellent Product in Spite of Leaving a Trail of Orange

    A time honored medication for alleviating the annoying symptoms of cystitis while waiting for antibiotics or sulfonamides to eliminate the infection. Were it not for the orange urine staining clothes, floor, toilet bowl for those of us with uncontrollable overflow incontinence, to me it greatly exaggerates a disability I am doing my best to hide.