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  • Amazon Customer - This product is LEGIT!

    Listen up ladies! I'm just going to be straight forward. YEARS of persistent issues with fishy odors and extra discharge after having my children were completely eliminated in less then a week! In fact after only a few weeks taking this I stopped and the issues have not returned!! PRAISE JESUS!!

  • shopper1948 - Long time user

    Always looking for the best bargain when ordering. This was it this time. Have used the Timewise line for years and find I like it very well.

  • venatrix - It worked really well for me!

    I used this both on my face and all over my bikini area (and I do mean ALL over, including the inner folds, if you catch my drift) and it did a fantastic job getting rid of the hair, left me feeling near-silky smooth, and no rash of bumps, which I always get with depilatories or a traditional razor. Plus, you can't use those last two methods around your "inner folds." Like a previous reviewer, I'll be buying another to keep in my bag. I don't know that I'd use it around my eyebrows, though. I think I prefer the control that plucking gives in that area.

  • Froyo - Hard to use

    I had use Quicken for years. We just opened a business and decided to switch to Quickbooks, as that is what our accountant uses. I was EXTREMELY frustrated with the program. It was so hard to use and figure out. I no longer could download all transactions from my bank....it would only do one at a time. That took me days to do, as I had to go back to the beginning of the year because i needed all the data for our CPA. Trying to figure out invoices, applying pmts to them and everything else has been very hard. i would be very hesitant in recommending this product.

  • Nakagawa - Just what the doctor ordered!

    It is so nice to have extra check registers with so many atm/debit card transactions and hardly any checks. These check registers fit in the check cover perfectly. This was a great purchase.

  • Five4Fighting - Pretty Good

    The new version is not leaps and bounds better than 2008, but it does have a few nifty features like full screen mode, and a consolidated toolbar at the top of each window. I was under the impression that "Versions" support would be available by now, but it does not seem to be. Will be 5 stars when this occurs.

  • Nick - Fantastic!

    I purchased this for my Atari 2600 and wow did it make a difference! Also, I am very thankful that it has low energy costs as I am on a very tight budget.