Magasin général - Bistrot - Epicerie - Drugstore - Darwin Bordeaux - Le magasin général est un lieux regroupant une épicerie bio, un bistrot, un torréfacteur ainsi qu’une pâtisserie bio tout cela dans l’espace darwin situé à Bordeaux

  • Réserver une table au Magasin Général - Réserver une table au Magasin Général de Bordeaux à Darwin. Petit déjeuner d'entreprise, privatisation du restaurant, séminaire d'entreprise
  • Magasin Général - Restaurant bio Bordeaux - Découvrez le bistrot bio du Magasin Général, véritable restaurant bio convivial et familial, avec un large choix de produits bio. Ouvert aux séminaires et aux repas de groupes.
  • Magasin Général - Epicerie bio Bordeaux - La grande épicerie bio Bordeaux du Magasin Général. Retrouvez une large gamme de produits bio, cosmétiques, primeurs, charcuteries, vins et spiritueux.
  • Magasin Général - Pâtisserie bio Bordeaux - Découvrez les pâtisseries bio à Bordeaux de Mary's Bakery. Du cookies bio aux muffin bio, la pâtisserie de Darwin propose des produits frais chaque jour.

    Country:, Europe, FR

    City: 3.1746 North, France

  • Mika - Draw on!

    I haven't used all its features yet, but I did purchase this software at a sizable discount. I have Artrageous software too, so I doubt I'll need additional art software. It works well with my Bamboo tablet. I'm having fun and creating more and better art. That's all that matters.

  • Sarah Goad - Great product

    This is working really well to restore my husbands hair. He'll never have the full beautiful hair he did in high school, but it looks pretty good and maybe if he had used it sooner, he wouldn't be as bald as he is now. :D

  • Carrie - Doesn't seem to be working for me

    I bought this from a doTERRA rep and it does not seem to work for me. I couldn't stand the taste of it in water so got some veggie caps, was told to only put in two drops as it may be harsh on my stomach. I still felt hungry after taking it, did not have an increase in energy or any of the other things that it states it does. I just took another one about a half hour ago, still trying to see if it will work, and right now I am starving and it isn't even lunch time yet.

  • Amazon Customer - Annoying! Save your money!

    This is only the 2nd review I've written in a decade but I thought I would save others from buying this abominable software. I just uninstalled it as I think this product is living on past glory. I expected it to be pretty decent but I soon tired of seeing their popups every few days trying to coerce me in to upgrading. I almost did just to stop the popups. I searched online but couldn't find a way to turn the pop-ups off and their apparently non-existent tech support didn't bother to respond to my request for instructions on how to stop the pop-ups. The last straw was how it kept Windows from shutting down. It tells you to wait until it finishes doing whatever it's doing which shouldn't be anything since I didn't configure any kind of scheduled or automatic backups. This last time I waited for about 3 or 4 minutes for it to finish and finally gave up, powered it down, restarted and uninstalled it. For all I know this might be good backup software (although I kind of doubt it given the other issues) but it was annoying to the point where I had to uninstall it. I'll bet I'm not the first to do that either. Search online for "Acronis pop-ups" or "Acronis stopping Windows shutdown". Save your money folks! Surely any of the other products would be an improvement on this one.

  • Lauren Lewandowski - I like this body wash because I can actually use it ...

    I use Murad Skin Care for my face as well. I like this body wash because I can actually use it on my face in the shower instead of using my skin care wash. This body wash makes you feel clean and has a slight cooling tingle to it.