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  • Roy H. - but so far it's been nearly perfect.

    Imagine butter. Picture how smooth it is. Now make it plastic. Now dye it black. Now make it 2.9mm in diameter. Now print with it. That's how smooth my prints are coming out. I was really worried that the black would be difficult to print with because of dyes or colorants used in production, but so far it's been nearly perfect.

  • ThreatLevelMidnight - I should have bought this months ago!

    I love this seat. It's very sturdy and secure when used correctly, it has nice durable material, it's easy to fold up and take with me, it fits on many tables, and my one year old son seems comfortable in it and is happy to be up closer to us at the table instead of slumped down in a highchair that doesn't even reach the tabletop. I really hate restaurant highchairs so this is a great solution for me. I was nervous about it at first because it just seemed strange to see my baby suspended above the ground, but my husband assured me that the seat is very secure when fully tightened and when used on the correct type of table. I still don't use this seat at home because the highchair I have is pretty awesome and is just easier for feeding, but when we all go out to eat, it's very convenient. Helpful Tip: Read the manual closely and use only as directed. This seat is safe but only when affixed to the right type of table with the right type of edge. The instructions can be confusing because they only show diagrams rather than being written so it's particularly important to look closely at the diagram of possible gaps between certain table edges and the seat's arms. Gaps can be dangerous and will reduce stability of the clamps so this diagram will show the widest gap allowed.

  • EmilyF - Adapter for Graco Snugride 35 click connect

    After much research and contacting BOB directly I found out that this is the adapter that you want for the Graco Snugride CLICK CONNECT 35. Even though the brand of the adapter is Chicco this is the one that works for the click connect model.

  • Justin Kuncio - Code was shipped by email. scanned image of card ...

    Code was shipped by email. scanned image of card is on onedrive. code works and mew is here. Ty PBTam!

  • Mark - Re-imagined for the next generation.

    It may not be the same as the original, but the spirit is there (pun intended). It has the same level of suspense and surprise, comedic air, story telling, and general fun of the original. It's smart, witty, inventive, and fresh. Subtle nods to the original cast, special effects, and fast pace make this a great weekend flick. The special effects are really well done and McCarthy, Witt, and team bring a new fresh perspective to an old favorite.

  • Ryan - Regrew Hair!

    I have had issues with thinning hair since I was 21. I am now almost 30. I tried a bunch of different shampoos to keep the hair I had and kept thinking that the reason I was losing hair was stress. I finally gave in and tried this stuff out. It has indeed regrown my hair and in more places than its guaranteed to work. It has also regrown hair in the front of my scalp as well as the crown. I wouldn't tell you to expect to have hair from when you were a teen but if you want to regrow what you have and at least fill out your hairline this stuff may work for you. Keep in mind everyone's chemistry is different so it may not work for you. The foam is easier to use than the liquid and acts like a mouse so keep that in mind when you're styling your hair.