Ron Brown'Blog - Propecia may sound like a fancy girls name but when it comes to dealing with hair loss she is definitely the Queen of hair restoration medications.

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  • nas14 - Nice Lightweight Mop

    Really like the mop, but watch what you wash it with. Luckily, after using it for the first time, I soaked it for a while by itself in water with OxiClean to clean it. The water was orange when I went to rinse & wring it out. As far as the mop goes, I really like it. It's lightweight & cleans my ceramic tile floors very good. It's very easy to wring out & dries quickly. I've only used it twice so far so hope it continues to perform well.

  • Tom Swift - I felt like I was cheating

    My strategy with First Aid - I figured out which books were used to make First Aid (I listed them below) and then I read those books to get the explanations that First Aid is lacking. I took notes in First Aid from these books. At the end of my studying, I had one comprehensive source with all my notes. I was able to review this once in the last few weeks before the exam.

  • fant0m3 - Perfect!!!

    These have got to be the most comfortable headphones I've ever worn and they gel right to you ears. Over the ear strap is not stiff or rough hurtful to the ears. The charging time I found is like 1 and a half and the play time for music is about 7 hours. They are perfectly lightweight great for a work out great for everyday use the sound cancellation quality is superb the Bluetooth connection dang close to Unbreakable. It has a deep thumping bass. The highs are great as well. Does seem to lose a bit of clarification during complicated music. The mids seem to lose that HD sound but it is now my daily user of Bluetooth headphones. Best set of Bluetooth earphones I've bought. And I've purchased a good amount. Hopefully the durability holds up I will enjoy these for a long time.

  • Raylene - Love, love

    Love , love ,love it !! I originally purchased it for 15.00 a jar now the price jumped to 75.00 can not afford that! . It is very gentle on skin yet removes all dead skin. I started using it 5 years ago, what a sham.

  • Amazon Customer - Can't remove it from Control Panel

    Avast is free but after one month the subscription expires and you either need to either register or buy an upgrade or deal with daily pop-up messages reminding you that. I tried to remove it like as I would remove any other software after I decided to buy McAfee antivirus. Removing Avast does not happen through the normal process of doing it from the control panel. You need to download some special software from who-knows-where and then go into safety mode in your computer to remove it. If I had known it was going to be so difficult to remove, I would not even considered getting this free antivirus. Buy it at your own risk! You get what you paid for and risk getting your computer infected.

  • Ariel Valerie - great service and protection than you

    A real computer geek referred me to your services so I knew I was onto something. So glad I found much better than the others and it doesn't mess up my computer w/my cable service, what a relief at last