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  • E. Humble - Misleading picture

    We haven't used the product long enough to know if it will work, but this is a misleading picture. The box shows two different bottles, one oral and one topical, we received just one - not in a box.

  • Larry Belikoff - Comfortable shoes

    I had a pair exactly like these before, so I knew exactly what size to order, and what to expect for fit and comfort. My big toe always puts a hole in the top of the shoe, so this is a replacement pair.

  • latentimage - Seems to work for me

    I was worried that this wouldn't be the exact same current product that Onnit sells (there is an old version), but I was happy to discover it is the exact same. As far as how it's working, I have been taking the supplement for about two weeks, and I can notice a difference in my focus. I can also recall somewhat inconsequential details about things that I seem to have forgotten over the years. Additionally, my dream recall has improved immensely, and I have remembered my dreams literally every night since I have started taking this stuff. I was skeptical at first, but it really works. Give it a try, and get it here a little cheap than you can from Onnit!

  • narn - Very good product

    Gives you energy and that over-all healthy feeling. Take it daily in the AM with cold water. It works! Very happy to have found this product.

  • Sandra Scott - Fulfilled school requirements

    Able to comply w/ school requirements for daughter's college courses. Will be planning to purchase additional books in the future

  • mercy - The book has writing all in it and the questions ...

    The book has writing all in it and the questions were all answered. If would have known this, I would not have buy this book.

  • it is fun - very cool bike but brakes hang over the tires and skid ...

    very cool bike but brakes hang over the tires and skid on the tires, no one can fix it, options are take the brakes off or buy a new tire every month dependin on hw yu use it. me would be every week