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  • Human Taxidermist - Bromazing!

    I love that these guys take a humorous approach to describing their product- and it DOES work well and it is much better than the fixed blade, glued in place stuff that other companies are trying to sell. I really liked that they followed up with an email with helpful tips on how to use it, links to where to get good blades, and asking if I had any questions. I'm fully impressed and I recommend them!

  • Audrey M. Hossack - Heavenly coffee!

    The absolute best offering that Starbucks has every year (usually in the Fall). I wish you could find this in the stores all year long!

  • Gary - Excellent Knife and Screwdrivers

    Very well designed knife. I don't leave home without it. Saved me many times for the screwdriver use as well as knife.Compact for the use it provides.

  • Scott - Trail runner's rejoice!

    I don't jingle when I run now, and I don't have to worry if someone saw me hide my key on top of the tire. This thing works great. Key fob owners: get a copy of the hard "in-the-door" key, and use it to lock the fob in the car, then lock the hard key in the safe.

  • Nowell L. Wood Jr. - Although I have only had the filter installed for two ...

    Although I have only had the filter installed for two days, I saw a huge difference right away with the amount of pressure that it provides for the pool vac. I contacted the company as soon as I purchased this as well, and the seller was quick to respond with the answer I needed.

  • Derek Nishimura - Boots are comfortable

    I'm still in the "break in" period for these boots. I've been wearing them for 7 days now 12 hour shifts. I am having some hip pain, but not sure if it's because these boots are making me walk correctly or not. Overall, my feet don't hurt at the end of the shift, so the boots are comfortable. It's just whether or not they are correcting my step which is making my hip hurt. It is only one hip so I'm suspecting that this what is going on.