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  • lench - ... if this is really "100% Pure Therapeutic Grade" oil like they claim

    I was wondering if this is really "100% Pure Therapeutic Grade" oil like they claim, but when I dropped 1 drop in my bell button, after a couple minutes I felt like my skin was burning . I didn't have that felling when I put it on my skin, though. I bought this product intentionally for internal therapy (because some Dr. said it must be "100% Pure Therapeutic Grade" to be safe to ingest). It's not safe to take this product orally.

  • Carol Texas - Awesome cookbook software - lots of useable features

    UPDATE TO FIRST REVIEW: I ordered another copy (as a gift for a family member). It was never shipped. No responses to multiple emails to customer assistance for help. Others have posted same compliant on Radium website. Not sure if this business is still active, although it will charge credit card..

  • Harold Hutchison - Okay, but not great.

    Its okay, but missed the tax table entry for my income by one line. Its only $8, but I prefer not have any errors whatsoever. Edits to address this (and other such mistakes) aren't easy, so I used whiteout on the printed copy, and mailed them rather than use the e-file. And I gave up trying to get "registered" in order to get the state version after 3 attempts.

  • Rob P. - Minor defects

    Just started playing golf and wanted an affordable beginners club set. This set received the best reviews on several sites. The 5 hybrid arrived with dents on the face of the club. Since I'm a beginner it won't make much difference in the quality of my game but I am disappointed with the quality of the club I received. I probably won't buy another club online again and will want to inspect before buying. Overall, for the price I am still ok with this purchase. It appears that I am at least the third person to report this issue so I hope it is addressed by either amazon or top flight.

  • Jacob Timothy Rothman - Great investment for people who print a lot!

    The printer itself was a little disappointing. It is slow, and the quality seems so-so unless you use the highest setting. I printed a brochure that had a lot of color on it. It came out with some strange lines in it, which couldn't be seen on the highest print setting, but it looked bad on any other setting. On the highest quality, it printed about one page per minute. The 150 sheet tray couldn't hold more than maybe 120 sheets of thicker paper, and the duplex printing was problematic. I needed to print 600 2-sided sheets, so this was a chore that took all week. The reason I am still giving 4 stars is that the ink savings is phenomenal. With that big print job and another pretty big job, I more than paid for the printer in the first week I had it with the ink savings.

  • Michael Rael - My back pain was dramatically reduced

    I had a back pain such that I had to lower my back when I walked. Also whenever I had to bend down, I hurt--which meant I always had to bend down super-slowly.